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Kučan met with the cardiologist for the "left-wing elite"

“Uncle from the background” Milan Kučan is obviously conspiring again, as is typical of him. Two days ago, a Nova24TV reader spotted him in a café, chatting with a gentleman who is not known to the public. As we later found out, Kučan was joined by the retired cardiologist Radovan Starc.

A Nova24TV reader sent us a photo of the former President of the League of Communists, Milan Kučan, in one of the bars in Ljubljana. He also told us that Kučan was joined by an elderly gentleman, whom the reader did not recognize. We found out from that the unknown man was, in fact, the retired cardiologist Radovan Starc. He is said to be the on-call cardiologist for the “left-wing elite.”

Given the turbulent situation in Slovenian politics, where the transitional left is overthrowing the current centre-right government, it should not be forgotten that Kučan also intervened in the political struggle. He is known to have supported Danilo Türk in his fight for the presidency, and he also supported Zoran Janković, Alenka Bratušek, Miro Cerar, and Marjan Šarec, who were all candidates for the post of Prime Minister. His command is always an order to the media as well, so it is not strange at all that they are now promoting Jože P. Damijan.

This time, the transitional left presented a new project, a technical government to the public, for which it does not have adequate support in parliament. Thus, the purchasing of deputies has begun, mainly from the DeSUS and SMC parties, Andrich money offers are being made in the background, which only the wealthy left-wing elite can afford.

Let’s not forget that Kučan has been caught with influential people from the left several times before: In the spring, he was spotted with Ivo Vajgl, when the tear-down of Aleksandra Pivec was being prepared, he was seen several times with UDBA’s Zdenko Roter, as well as Zoran Janković, and even the former president of the Youth Forum, Andrej Omerzel.

Sara Kovač

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