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International media organisations continue to fall prey to lies about the Slovenian government and its attitude towards the media, and spread the same lies without hesitation

The Media Freedom Rapid Response initiative, which brings together several international media organisations, presented a new report on alleged serious violations of media freedom in Slovenia.

As they wrote, the Slovenian government deteriorated media freedom by taking over the EU presidency, because, according to the authors of the report, they are allegedly undermining the media that write critically about the government. Thus, freedom of the media is said to have begun to deteriorate rapidly when Janez Janša took over the government last year. They especially mention the pressure on public RTV and STA. In their critiques, the authors of the report are otherwise very general and mostly repeat what the Slovenian mainstream (actually left wing) media have been repeating all along.

This, of course, raises the question of how credible a journalistic organisation can be, writing about the government of the country that is now taking over the EU presidency almost as if it were a Lukashenko-type regime. Even though no journalist has been imprisoned in Slovenia since last year’s arrival of the current government. More than obvious ignorance then.

By: G. B.  

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