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Incredible staffing of the KUL coalition: The notorious Milan M. Cvikl needs the job of the Minister of Finance, just look at how much debt he is in!

So how big is the left-wing’s naphthalene? And can they not get one single person out of it with all their clickers in their head, and without any pasts sins?” one of the users of a social network wondered. At the congress of the SD party, Milan M. Cvikl said that after ten years, he was glad to return home and that he carries his heart on the left side and his wallet on the right. “The alternative is ready, let’s move forward, differently,” he urged his colleagues, in the spirit of the SD party. Was he already secretly counting on the position of Minister of Finance back then?

It is slowly becoming clear who the people are who have been attacking the current government basically since the first moment after the resignation of Marjan Šarec (LMŠ), even though the government is simply doing its job and trying to control the coronavirus epidemic that has spread all over the world, as well as saving the economy and helping the disadvantaged and the pensioners. In anticipation of the 46th vote, which will supposedly help form a new parliamentary majority, the rivalry for ministerial positions has already begun among those who call themselves the Constitutional Arch Coalition (referred to as “Koalicija ustavnega loka – KUL”, which translates to cool). As far as the public is concerned, in addition to Šarec, who could still be the prime minister today, if he would not have resigned, the coalition also consists of Tanja Fajon (SD), Alenka Bratušek (SAB) and Luka Mesec (Levica). As he apparently really needs a job after the end of his term in the EBRD, the notorious Milan M. Cvikl, who used to be an LDS MP who later joined the SD party, is also very much in favour of a change of government.

Milan M. Cvikl‘s career, with its two unsuccessful candidacies for the position of Vice-Governor of the Bank of Slovenia, flourished during the Patria affair. At the time, in exchange for his exceptional role which he played in the false incrimination of Janez Janša, he was awarded an appointment to the position of a member of the European Court of Auditors, where he received a monthly income of around 22 thousand euros. Nevertheless, he found himself in financial trouble when he had to repay the contractors that worked on his villa. Does his resume sound perfect for the future finance minister of the KUL coalition?

During the government of Borut Pahor, Milan M. Cvikl was the Secretary-General of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, until he was elected a member of the European Court of Auditors in 2010 “as an award.” Since August this year, he has been the financial expert and vice-president for programming and development at the Adriatic Council, an institution for cooperation in the region, owned by Marko Voljč and Dejan Novaković. One of his main sins, among other things, is copying from Wikipedia. In April 2010, Matej Accetto, assistant professor of European law at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, accused him of copying parts of the book Renewed European Union Law (2009) from the English Wikipedia page and summarizing them without proper citation, which Cvikl, of course, denied. At that time, the infamous NGO employee, richly supported by the state budget money, Filip Muki Dobranič, also made fun of Cvikl, writing: “Milan M. Cvikl accused of copying: writing your Ph.D. or a book with Wikipedia ** Hahahah, this is even better than the dance Masters’ degree!”

In 2018, we reported that, despite being co-responsible for one of the largest human rights violations in the history of Slovenia, in the case of Patria, Milan M. Cvikl shamelessly decided to run for the position of Vice-Governor, and then even for the Governor of the Bank of Slovenia. “It seems that the staff of the UDBA-mafia network is intertwined into all segments of the country, and as the strong players, they direct the flow of events in the country, so it is not surprising that many have loudly been pointing out that we live in a mafia country,” we wrote back then, and this is still true.

He still has a 350-thousand-euro mortgage
Cvikl still has a mortgage of 350 thousand euros on the house that he and his new wife Jerca Legan Cvikl built on Ljubljana’s castle hill. In this house, which, according to the people he has invite there, is furnished entirely in white, black and gold, they also organize various gatherings. We can see that Cvikl is similar to the former first man of the so-called KUL coalition, the prime minister designate Jože P. Damijan, who even took out a loan in Swiss francs for his property; an astronomical 578 thousand euros!

The decorating of the house was accompanied by scandals, and Šarec, Fajon, Bratušek and Mesec’s candidate for the position of Minister of Finance has since earned the reputation of a man who did not pay his contractors for their work on time. And even before that, Cvikl’s construction interventions were already a topic of interest for the media, as he and Legan moved into the house where he had previously lived with his former family.

Even Golobič’s ally made fun of Cvikl and Jerca
Cvikl jumped from his first marriage, straight into the relationship with his current wife, and the public found out about the relationship after one of his visits to the well-known Ljubljana block of flats. The public later also followed the family showdowns between the then-Secretary General Cvikl and his new partner, and Cvikl’s children from the first marriage, who had to break into the house where they previously lived as a family, when the father informed his son in writing that he had to move out.

The police had to intervene, and Cvikl described his children as criminals in the media. Roni Kordiš, also known as the twitter user Had, a close ally of Gregor Golobič, the man who is running the KUL project, also made fun of Cvikl.

Sara Kovač

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