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Honeymoon between Pirc Musar and Mesec or when the elite conspire against the people

We live in really interesting times, where the poor, who are oppressed by inflation, the energy crisis and drive around the country with 15-year-old diesels, which they can barely afford to fill up due to ecological taxes on oil, vote for oligarchs like Nataša Pirc Musar, Zoran Janković, and Robert Golob. In a way, we could say that the post-transition is also over, and we are returning like a boomerang to the times we already knew.

When people will one day wake up from the hypnosis of extreme polarisation, which has been systematically introduced over the last decade by left-wing politics and the media loyal to it, they will find out what a bizarre world this obsessive state has pushed them into. This is especially true for those most hardened socialists who like to vote for the Levica party and dream of the day when the likes of Štrancar, Akrapović, and Boscarol will be ‘driven’ into the sea with bayonets and then take over their companies.

But speak of the devil – their leadership congratulates Nataša “offshore” Pirc Musar for winning the presidential elections. A woman with fiduciary accounts in tax havens that she knows nothing about. A woman whose husband – about whose affairs she knows nothing – made an octopus, for which the economist Rado Pezdir believes used the same techniques as the financial affairs of the PID baron Darko Horvat. The one from whom Nataša Pirc Musar distanced herself on TV appearances but praised him as a financial guru in older videos.

This is what Luka Mesec, the leader of the Slovenian nationalist extremists, wrote about her.

Interesting, right? According to Luka Mesec, whose party would nationalise private property in the long term, it is a victory for democracy when a woman with accounts in tax havens and an artificially low salary wins the election. And the victory of dialogue, of a free and open society, when a woman won who, throughout her career, systematically stood up for the repression of freedom of speech and the determination of what is acceptable to declare and what is not by government decrees (for those “verbal offenses” that are outside Article 297 of the Criminal Code).

Levica and Mesec were advised by a convicted criminal
Well, we are used to that, are we not? It does not matter how rich someone is to be acceptable for the left. It is important above all that he acquired the property in such a way as Aleš Musar, Zoran Jankovič, or Bine Kordež. After all, this former economic criminal and arrestee is even one of their “economic advisors” and is often seen in the company of the party’s leadership. We do not know if he advised them on how to get silent nationalisation through the legislation, but they are definitely succeeding more and more in this mandate – also with the announcement of a real estate tax and a progressive property tax. The Twittersphere is therefore very much wondering where these unnatural partnerships between turbo-capitalists and extreme leftists come from.

On the other hand, such a symbiosis between such seemingly contradictory groups is quite clear. Of course, the turbo-capitalists, who have only minor investments in Slovenia, and have most of their assets hidden in one or another transaction abroad, do not care at all what happens to people in Slovenia. In fact, it is much better for them if there is no middle class, because they are nothing special, if they drive around town in a Rolls-Royce, but if an ordinary worker can drive three shifts in a modern Mercedes SUV. The middle class has come dangerously close to the gentlemen, and perhaps this coupling between extreme socialists and our turbo-capitalists is quite clear. On the other hand, it is also clear why people who started their businesses out of their own garages and actually created something that changed people’s lives want nothing to do with the extreme or even the established left. People like Boscarol and Akrapović are a disturbing state element and an obstacle to what is really being prepared.

Simple: a new Yugoslavia is being prepared, where only the ultra-rich and the ultra-equal will be in poverty. The honeymoon between Mesec and Pirc Musar therefore suggests that the elite conspired against the people.

Andrej Žitnik

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