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Government plans to set up 61 vaccination centres in Slovenia

The government adopted a revised vaccination strategy on Monday, envisaging 61 vaccination centres, including 13 in hospitals.

Presenting the changes, Health Minister Janez Poklukar said on Tuesday priority groups remain the same, with health workers in top tier, followed by people over 80, 75 and 70, and then vulnerable patients with chronic conditions. Next come diplomats, Foreign Ministry officials and officials from other ministries travelling to other EU countries for the upcoming Slovenia’s presidency, followed by foreign diplomats, and soldiers on missions abroad.

Slovenia so far used 76% of vaccines delivered, ECDC data show
Data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) suggest Slovenia has so far received almost 190,000 shots of Civid-19 vaccines, but used only 144,000 shots of the vaccine, or 76.1%. The average for EU members is around 70%. Slovenia’s NIJZ meanwhile said the actual figure was higher – at over 174,000. It explained the gap resulted from the fact that Slovenia sent its figures to the ECDC once a week for the week before, so the ECDC figures were not entirely accurate.


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