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Golob Told The Lady Moving Into A Living Container Because Of An Avalanche To Imagine She Is Going To A Hotel On Holiday

On Friday afternoon, Prime Minister Robert Golob visited some of the areas in Šentilj that have suffered significant damage due to the heavy rainfall in recent days, and the resulting landslides, which are still ongoing and are also threatening residential buildings. Seven families have already had to leave their homes as a result of these circumstances. Most of them are now housed in living containers, while two have found shelter with their relatives. Golob visited some of them, but instead of showing compassion and words of comfort, he reacted in a very inappropriate manner. He suggested to the elderly couple that they should imagine they had gone for a holiday in a hotel, and not to a living container.

“Thank God everybody is helping us, we have good neighbours, and now we have our own living container,” said the elderly lady in a conversation with Prime Minister Robert Golob. The lady’s house was threatened by the landslide to such an extent that she had to move out. Nevertheless, she showed gratitude and courage in the face of such dire circumstances, which Golob took advantage of. “You should just imagine it is like going to a hotel. On holiday,” said Golob, referring to the fact that she was moving into a living container with only the bare essentials, such as a bed and blankets. She replied that she had never been to a hotel in her life.

But more than obviously, the elder couple’s “holiday” in the living container will not be the same as the one Golob had earlier this month. Namely, he spent the 1st of May in one of the most expensive hotels in Sicily, Italy, for which you have to pay 1,000 euros a night.

In Šentilj, the damage is estimated at around three million euros. The Prime Minister said that the damage would be assessed by experts. “It is up to the politicians to provide the funds, and we will provide them to the extent proposed,” he said. But let us remember his big promises to the firefighters in the Karst region, which amounted to nothing in the end. He even thanked the members of the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, the firefighters, and everyone else who had helped so far in the aftermath of the storm. “You have done a tremendous job, and we will stand by you,” he said.

Sara Kovač

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