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Foreign minister Anže Logar attended virtual meeting of NATO foreign ministers

Minister Anže Logar participated in the NATO foreign affairs ministers’ session via video-conference, which was carried out ahead of the NATO Summit on 14 June.

The ministers continued to discuss decisions related to the NATO 2030 initiative, which will be endorsed by the leaders at the forthcoming NATO Summit. The initiative is aimed at making the Alliance futureproof and adapting it to new conditions and challenges in the world. In recent months, the Allies have devoted a great deal of attention to this subject and have been actively engaged in consultations.

A number of strategic proposals have been put forward within the NATO 2030 content packages that are complementary to the already existing efforts of political and military adaptation of the Alliance and will also form the basis for updating the NATO Strategic Concept. Minister Logar stressed that the NATO 2030 initiative must be ambitious but also realistic, adapting to the new geopolitical reality of growing strategic competition. He pointed out that the NATO 2030 initiative is also important in terms of strengthening and enhancing partnerships, in particular with the European Union, as it will be impossible to address all complex challenges separately.

The ministers also addressed current developments in the Euro-Atlantic region and beyond, and discussed the situation in Afghanistan after the end of the Resolute Support Mission, as well as the withdrawal of forces. Minister Logar stressed the need to maintain the progress achieved in Afghanistan during the past two decades, particularly in the human rights sphere and the rule of law.


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