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Following Golob’s Orders, Minister of Health Bešič Loredan Personally Threatened Doctors!

“Written proof from the Ministry of Health. Minister Danijel Bešič Loredan chillingly threatened doctors with the publication of their confidential personal data, because Golob ordered him to wage an all-out war,” investigative journalist Bojan Požar recently reported.

The young infectious disease specialist, Federico D. Potočnik, confirmed the writing of investigative journalist Bojan Požar, writing: “As a doctor, I find this government’s attitude towards us and the patients we care for to be disgusting. Not only are they grossly incompetent, and the system is getting closer and closer to collapse, but they are now also threatening and blackmailing us if we do not agree to their unacceptable working conditions.” In his last article, Požar exposed a stunning example of a threat to doctors by Minister of Health Danijel Bešič Loredan on the orders of Prime Minister Robert Golob.

According to the investigative journalist, we could be on the verge of the biggest scandal ever involving the Golob government. The rumours that spread recentlyn that while negotiations were underway for the announced doctor’s strike, Minister Bešič Loredan actually threatened the representatives of the doctors’ union with the publication of sensitive personal data (including data from the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia), allegedly following Golob’s own orders, have turned out to be true. The data was allegedly being prepared by the former “uncensored journalist” (she used to work at the web portal “” – “Uncensored”), who is also the current public relations representative of the Freedom Movement party (Gibanje Svoboda), Vesna Vuković, together with Damir Črnčec, State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence. The Minister of Health is said to have had the documents prepared already, in special “negotiations” folders.

However, the Prime Minister’s and the Minister’s evil plans were stopped by the unexpected and exclusive publication of a letter/report sent to the Secretariat-General of the Government, which directly accuses Minister Bešič Loredan of violating the Code of Ethics to which state officials are bound, and which was signed on the 24th of November by Damjan Polh, a doctor and Vice-President of FIDES – the union of doctors and dentists of Slovenia. The letter states that the other Vice-President of FIDES head of the negotiations group, Dr Gregor Zemljič, received a call on the 23rd of November from Minister Loredan, who told him that he has to sign the government’s proposal at the next negotiation meeting, in the name of FIDES and all doctors, adding that this order came directly from the Prime Minister. Apparently, he also said that the other trade unions will sign the government’s proposal even if he refuses to, thus leaving FIDES to fend for itself, and that the Prime Minister has ordered him to wage an all-out war against the doctors and FIDES if they actually decide to go on strike. Their goal would be to isolate and tire out the doctors and FIDES, and he also said that they have data on doctors (anything from their salaries to their additional earnings, meaning data from the Financial Administration) all ready to go, and that they have Muženič (President of the Police trade union) and other trade unions on their side.
Jelka Godec, an MP from the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS), who is known for her investigations into the deep state’s dealings in the healthcare sector, has already responded to the news, writing: “The insight into how the Ministry of Health is being governed, including the e-mail I received when I sent them a written parliamentary question about the office for Control, Quality and Investments in Health Care, is further proof in support of Požar’s claims.”

Domen Mezeg

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