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FM Anže Logar participated in the urgent debate of the UN Human Rights Council

Foreign Minister Anže Logar took part in the urgent debate of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council on the human rights situation in Ukraine, which was convened on the initiative of Ukraine due to Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Speaking in the urgent debate at the UN Human Rights Council, Minister Logar once again condemned in the strongest terms Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and the support provided to the aggressor by Belarus. It is imperative that the international community react decisively and unanimously to the actions that lead to new civilian casualties every day, including children, and which have already driven hundreds of thousands of people out of their home.

He asserted that the military invasion and attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure constituted the grossest violation of all principles of international law, humanitarian law and human rights law. In doing so, he emphasised the right to life, liberty and personal security as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Minister Logar voiced Slovenia’s support for a resolution on the human rights situation arising from Russian aggression in Ukraine, which will, among other things, establish an international mechanism to investigate mass and serious human rights violations in Ukraine. It is crucial that all those responsible for their actions be held accountable, including through international criminal justice mechanisms.


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