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Fajon is extremely ignorant of the issue of migration and terrorism – she wants to fight the terrible threats that Europe is facing with solidarity?!

“And in the European Parliament, with my colleague Romana, we have been working on establishing effective migration and asylum policies for years now. I want to emphasize this once again: the terrorist attacks are not part of this; these are mainly people who were born, raised and radicalized on European soil. This is the greater danger that we can only fight together, with a wise, sensible policy, and not by inciting hatred,” is just one of the statements made by Tanja Fajon on the show 24ur Zvečer, in her signature style of talking a lot but not really saying anything. Fajon is, in fact, misleading the public, as her actions clearly show that she has no desire to protect Europe’s external borders from illegal migrants and the influx of potential terrorists. In fact, she is more concerned with the truthfulness of the rhetoric of her political competition than the safety of her fellow citizens, as her competition is not “politically correct” enough for her taste. 

On Tuesday, MEP Romana Tomc, security intelligence expert Marjan Miklavčič and SD president Tanja Fajon spoke on the show 24UR Zvečer. The topic was terrorism in Europe, due to the recent attacks in France and Austria. Commenting on this, Fajon said: “The right response is, of course, solidarity in the joint fight against terrorism. Any terrorist attack shakes us to our core, just like yesterday’s attack in Vienna did. My colleague Romana mentioned the attack that happened in Strasbourg, and I remember the one in Brussels very vividly, as it happened very close to us.” Fajon went on to say that, at the time, in solidarity with the victims of the attack, everyone lit candles and condemned every extremism, every radicalism, and strongly committed themselves as Europe, as a democracy, to the fight against terrorism. Together with her colleague Tomc, Fajon also participated in a special committee for the fight against terrorism. “I also led the group for the fight against terrorism, and I very much agree with Mr. Miklavčič, who put it very nicely – these people, often very young, who become radicalized, their identity is taken away, and they go train in the Islamic State. Those who return are the big problem here. And figuring out how to fight terrorism, how to stop the financing of terrorist organizations, how to build secure external borders, is a big challenge.”

She is worried about the rhetoric that tells the truth?!
Fajon also said that at the moment she is working on two dossiers, which manage a high financial instrument, and in the next ones, they will also allocate 10, 20 billion euros for the safety of the external borders. “Europe is responding well and in solidarity. It is important to be aware that this is extremism, radicalism, as the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said today, and that this is not a fight against Muslims or a clash between religions. This is what worries me; I admit that I am worried about this rhetoric. Even today, some politicians in Slovenia, including the Prime Minister, are trying to find for the culprit: Are they migrants, or are we all to blame for the terrorist attacks.” A search for culprits, or incitement to hatred, she believes, only means that the person who does these things does not actually have a solution in mind. “As politicians, we have to be very careful and, above all, very responsible.”

“In the cases of the latest terrorist attacks in Europe, the culprits were actually citizens of one of the EU member states. The attacker in Vienna was an Austrian or Macedonian citizen, who has been living in Austria for the past twenty years and even has an Austrian passport. However, he travelled to Syria by plane years ago, on his own.” She believes that in this case, it is terribly irresponsible to say that these people are migrants who come here and spread terrorism, as such statements spread fear among the people and create a kind of stigma towards migrants.

“And I do not think you can directly connect the two. I am aware that we need to secure Europe’s external borders. And in the European Parliament, with my colleague Romana, we have been working on establishing effective migration and asylum policies for years now. I want to emphasize this once again: the terrorist attacks are not part of this; these are mainly people who were born, raised and radicalized on European soil.” Fajon believes that this is, in fact, the greater danger that we can only fight together, with wise, sensible policies, and not with by inciting hatred, which, she believes, is what is still going on.

Fajon’s good intentions are actually very harmful
MEP Tomc responded to Fajon’s misleading statements: “We continue to be faced with certain obstacles, as we cannot adopt the measures that could have been effective. I hope that these recent actions, in particular, will sober us up. And I will say this once again; I think it is very, very good that the leaders of France, as well as Austria, have announced the fight against terrorism so resolutely. And I hope that this will also affect the decisions among their Members in the European Parliament, who have voted against the measures that are actually expected to protect Europe from such terrorist attacks many times before. And I still think that our borders are too open, that we pay too little attention to who is coming to us. Of course we should have good intentions, we should want to do good, but we often hurt ourselves with that mindset. I want to point it out once again, we live in Europe, and anyone who comes to Europe is, of course, invited to stay here, if they respect the way of life, the values, the democracy that we have here in Europe. We must fight against those who do not respect this and are attacking our way of life with all possible means. And look, we cannot wait until the next attack happens to do this, we cannot just say a few nice words and then wait for what will happen next. We have to take action, we have to find out what is the reason of all this happening, and we have to find the means to prevent it.”

Fajon already pointed her finger at others when the terrorist attack in Strasbourg happened
However, this is not the first time that Fajon has shown that she not really concerned with the victims of terrorism and the fight against terrorism. Rather, she is more concerned with how some people talk about terrorists. After the terrorist attack in Strassbourg in 2018, Zmago Jelinčič Plemeniti, president of the SNS party, also reacted to her controversial response to the attack. Namely, in her tweet where she wrote that she is deeply saddened by the attack, she also criticized Slovenians who have criticized such policies. Here is what Jelinčič wrote in response at the time: “Something like this can only be written by a totally ignorant person, verging on being a moron… After all, to accuse Slovenians of a criminal act that you say was committed by a criminal, not a terrorist, is completely perverted, and this shows that the gentlemen on the left are simply losing the ground under their feet and everything is falling apart for them.”

“First, they want to block the free flow of information, ban normal thinking and ban the news spreading. Even in the former Yugoslavia, this was not a thing. Perhaps ‘SD’ no longer stand for ‘Social Democrats,’ but rather, the ‘Heimatdienst’ of the Nazi era! Ninety percent of these “attacks” were targeted at Fajon, and some accused her of being partially responsible for these attacks in Europe because she supports the arrival of illegal migrants in Europe.” Fajon apparently also avoids calling things by their real names, meaning that terrorists are terrorists and not just “criminals.”
“The attacks are completely unwarranted, and Ms. Fajon is certainly responsible. She sits in the European Parliament and says nothing when people need to be defended, but when terrorists have to be defended, she practically hits the ceiling. You can quickly recognize Soros‘s tactics behind all of this, as it is he who ‘pushes’ everything forward, of course not only with his words but also with money. It is unfortunate that Slovenians have MEPs like this, who, instead of protecting and helping their homeland, are basically sucking up to all the terrorists, Arabs, etc. The European Parliament is one big mess just thrown together, where one of the most beautiful halls is dedicated to the Arab world, and in it, everything is written in Arabic.”

“A normal person who has not learned Arabic does not understand these inscriptions and does not understand what this is about. Nor do the MEPs who forget about their own people and forget about the Christian roots of Europe belong to the European Parliament. Fajon seems to have forgotten that in France, there are almost 62 thousand people on the so-called S-file list, of which 10 thousand people are completely radicalized. There are also about 25 thousand of them in the UK, and a few thousand in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Not to say that there are none here in Slovenia, there are a few hundred here for sure. Our intelligence service has to control this, and not offer them bonuses, housing and money, or even ammunition if they happen to run out of it.” It is also known that not long after MEP Fajon posted something in support of migrants on her blog, the terrorist attack on the Christmas market took place in Strasbourg, in which three people died and twelve were injured.

“Unfortunately, the completely unacceptable stigmatization of migrants and their descendants is part of the report. Any links between asylum seekers and terrorists are completely unacceptable, and we can be ashamed if we accept such a text,” Fajon said just hours before the bloody attack when the fight against terrorism was being discussed in s plenary session in the European Parliament. “There is no need to set up a European Parliament standing committee on security,” Fajon also wrote. And while the current SD president was busy justifying Islam and her constant fight against the alleged growing violence of the “far-right extremists, neo-fascists and neo-Nazis, especially against members of vulnerable groups,” and was warning of “the dangerous anti-Jewish and Islamophobic rhetoric, which has even found its way into the mainstream media, online and in textbooks in certain countries,” Chakatt at the Christmas market clearly showed that there is nothing “phobic” in the “Islamophobic rhetoric.” It is also known that in the past, Fajon defended the Marrakesh Declaration and sharply criticized the policies of the Visegrad countries, especially Hungary, which managed to effectively protect its external state borders.

Domen Mezeg

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