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Euronews: Slovenia Has The Highest Number Of Afghan Asylum Seekers In Europe

The Slovenian government is following the example of the Biden administration on migrant policy – tacitly pursuing the goal of importing as many (mainly Middle Eastern and North African) migrants as possible, who – so hope those who form left governments – would over time help form a left electoral monolith that would guarantee the eternal dominance of left-wing governments, as migrants are more likely to vote for left-wing parties. The government’s migrant policy was clearly demonstrated at the beginning of the mandate, with various actions – from the irrational removal of the border fence to the police’s inability to protect sovereign borders, as well as to curb migrant violence. The statistics show that Slovenia is indeed an above-average migrant-friendly country.

In fact, Slovenia holds the record for the number of asylum seekers from Afghanistan, according to a recent Euronews infographic.

Slovenia receives the highest number of Afghan asylum applications per capita

According to the statistics, Slovenia has received the highest number of Afghan asylum applications among all the countries of the European Union. Namely, it has received 128 applications for every 100,000 inhabitants of the country since the Taliban came back to power last August. Austria follows with 107 per 100,000 inhabitants, closely followed by Bulgaria – one of the poorest countries in the EU – with 105 applications per 100,000 inhabitants.

It is important to note here that it is not only those who have been driven out by the Taliban who are fleeing, but also members of Al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad and other extremist groups in active conflict with the Taliban – some extremist groups in Afghanistan are in conflict with the Taliban because they believe that the former are not radical enough!

More other migrants, too

Afghans are just a cross-section of the migrant population – given that per capita, the number of Afghan asylum seekers in Slovenia is the highest in the EU, we can logically deduce that there are also more other migrants (those from safe countries) than elsewhere in the EU.

Statistics from the Ministry of the Interior and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS) indicate that from January to May 2024, there were 30 Afghan migrants and 512 (!) migrants from Morocco – i.e. from a safe country, where Slovenians like to go on holiday. It is well known among the security and intelligence services that Morocco is a hotbed of terrorist activity – outposts of almost all the

extremist Islamist militias that the authorities are fighting are active there, and the consequence is that it is mainly young men who are fleeing Morocco, who have been extremist Islamists or criminals in their old home. The average Moroccan migrant is, therefore, not the average Moroccan. According to the statistics, Slovenia seems to have more applications per capita from both Afghan and Moroccan migrants than other EU countries. What does this say about security in the country?

Migrants have committed many serious crimes in Slovenia – mostly rapes

It is important to note that in December 2018 (long before the Taliban took power), two Afghans sexually abused a 17-year-old girl on the premises of the old Rog factory, which was known for its generous reception of migrants, but the news only became public in 2020 because the law enforcement authorities kept it secret. The minor was intoxicated by alcohol and drugs, said she felt dirty when she was raped and even thought of suicide. One of the perpetrators left the country after the crime.

But this was only an overture. The wave of rapes in Ljubljana after the Freedom Movement (Gibanje Svoboda) coalition took power surprised even security experts.

Only a week or so ago, a migrant man allegedly raped a woman in the centre of Ljubljana. The man was also reportedly arrested. The police confirmed the information.

Another rape was reportedly committed on the 13th of April, and the victim sought help at the Ljubljana University Hospital. The victim is believed to be a 27-year-old woman. The source said that the beating and rape took place in Tivoli and that the perpetrators were three black men.

Last November, a Moroccan man raped a girl in a park in the Tabor area of Ljubljana in the early hours of the morning, while another Moroccan man helped him. The police did not report the incident until they were forced to do so, as they were bombarded with questions from the media, who were checking the claims of eyewitnesses. The perpetrators were Moroccan, aged 23 and 26.

Last May, a brutal rape took place in broad daylight at the infamous Metelkova street in the centre of Ljubljana – two migrants followed a young woman into a toilet, broke down the door and raped her. Again, the police were silent until the media started asking about the incident, but again, they only gave a meagre answer that they were dealing with a sexual offence in the Ljubljana area.

Last October, a source told us that on the night from Saturday to Sunday, four strangers had attacked a couple in the underpass connecting the railway station and Zupančičeva jama. The man was brutally beaten, and the woman was allegedly sexually abused. The police were silent about this for a long time until they were forced to answer our question. The police replied in laconic terms that the assault had taken place, but did not give us any more information “in the interest of preventing secondary victimisation of the victim and in the interest of the investigation.” This is certainly a very convenient excuse.

The police are covering up their crimes

The police are not allowed to inform the public about such incidents if they involve migrants, and especially if they involve rape. We only find out about them if we ask them specifically. The police keep saying that they are not being pressured and that they do not inform the public about such crimes so that the victims do not suffer further, but this is an excuse because, in any case, they do not inform the public of what happened with the name of the victim, and in the context of rape, this is completely understandable. However, there is no need to conceal everything that is happening in order to protect those affected.

Even German leftists in favour of deporting Afghans

It is also important to note that a few weeks ago, an Afghan migrant, Sulaiman A., stabbed a police officer to death in Mannheim. It has become clear that, even if he had been convicted, his deportation would have been difficult a few years ago, but now it is almost impossible. In October 2021, shortly before the Taliban regained power, the then-German Federal Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer, ordered a halt to deportations to Afghanistan. He stressed that the constitutional state had a responsibility to ensure that deportations did not become dangerous for those involved.

That is why, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine, even the left-wing Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has announced strict action against attacks on the security forces, without saying exactly what that would mean. Hamburg’s Interior Minister Andy Grote, also a Social Democrat, was much clearer. He presented a draft resolution for the conference of interior ministers that will happen in two weeks’ time, with the clear title: “Repatriation of people who pose a threat to public security – including from Afghanistan and Syria.”

“Anyone who commits serious crimes here must leave the country, even if they come from Afghanistan,” Grote was clear.

Can you imagine something like that happening in Slovenia, where the Vice-President of the National Assembly handcuffs herself to illegal migrants to stop them being deported?

I. K.

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