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Credibility of in ‘t Veld’s report is shattered: After Fajon’s “proofreading”, there is now an acknowledgment of the interference of external actors

We also received an explanation from Dutch MP Sophie in ‘t Veld that those who do not take part in missions can also contribute to the preparation of the reports, and that this often happens. “Can we please stop this,” Sophie concluded. “Now I do not know if it was just proofreading, why does it throw her off track,” wrote journalist Mirko Mayer. It should be reminded that LIBE’s report was strongly compromised by Tanja Fajon’s private “lector”.

Let us recall: according to the STA, a discussion took place yesterday on the mission, which took place in October and was chaired by a committee of the European Parliament in Slovenia. The debate ended with a sharp exchange of views between MEP Romana Tomc and expedition leader Sophie in ‘t Veld. According to Tomc, the goal of the mission was missed, and in ‘t Veld was greatly upset by the EPP’s accusations, while she clumsily defended herself only by calling for constructive cooperation.

It was a discussion of the EP Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. The abbreviation for it is LIBE. It should be recalled that the mission established the facts about the state of democracy in our country. However, the mission, in particular, criticised the “hostile atmosphere” in our country, as well as mistrust and strong polarisation. At the same time, it expressed regret that there was no meeting with some prominent Slovenian politicians.

From the very beginning, Tomc emphasised that this was a mission with a political connotation, which was directed against the current government of Janez Janša. At the same time, she expressed her belief that the report was not credible and that it was trying to blacken the Slovenian government. She also accused Fajon of involvement in the preparation of the report. That is why she cannot support the report because she does not find it credible. Tomc: “It is obvious that the office of Tanja Fajon from the S&D group, as well as the opposition leader in Slovenia, who was not a member of the mission, was involved in the preparation of the report from the very beginning. In terms of content, however, I think that this mission has missed the mark.”

The credibility of the LIBE report is finally destroyed: Those who were not in the mission also took part in the preparation

As Tomc is still convinced, the “rule of law” is not just the appointment or non-appointment of delegated prosecutors and the state of the media is not just the financing of the STA, otherwise both topics have already been resolved in Slovenia. According to STA, the Dutch MP responded to the allegations that all groups in the EP, including the People’s Party, agreed with the report, and that it is customary for those who do not participate in missions to participate in the preparation of such reports. The statement on the preparation of reports by those who are not members of the missions, however, is just another nail in the coffin of LIBE. The reports can therefore be prepared by anyone. Sophie in ‘t Veld concluded her explanation simply with, “Can we please stop this.”

Domen Mezeg 

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