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Covid-19 situation: We still advise against any non-essential travel

Andrej Šter, Head of the Consular Sector at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Deana Potza from the Health Inspectorate took part in a press conference on the current situation regarding COVID-19.

According to Maja Bratuša, 5,371 PCR tests and 29,266 rapid antigen tests were performed yesterday. The PCR tests confirmed 900 new infections. The seven-day average of confirmed cases is 689; yesterday it was 684. 629 COVID-19 patients are currently being treated in Slovenian hospitals.Andrej Šter explained that travel plans must take into account the fact that the disease has not yet been defeated and the situation has not yet returned to normal. Especially before the May Day holidays, the goal and ambition of many Slovenians is to spend their holidays in Croatia, which currently has a high number of infections. Šter’s advice to anybody who sets out on a journey is to enquire about the situation in the country or place of destination. He went on to present the conditions for entry into Slovenia and some other countries: “Anyone embarking on a journey should first consider if it is necessary. We still advise against any non-essential travel,” he stressed. If a trip is necessary, one should consult the information issued by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Deana Potza presented the report on inspections carried out between 12 and 18 April. 3,086 inspections were made, while the number of sanctions imposed was higher by 6%. The increase was greatest in the scope of inspections of the Market Inspectorate, while a smaller number of inspections were made by the Labor Inspectorate. Most measures referred to persons not wearing face masks. Most of the sanctions imposed were in the area of trade, mainly due to insufficient area per customer and because employees did not have the required negative test.

Presenting the vaccination report, Ms Potza said that 223 inspections of vaccination centres had been made, of which 222 were regular and 1 extraordinary, following a received report. Although she stated that the situation is improving, some inconsistencies have been detected. The inspector concluded by calling for the compliance with measures.


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