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Candidature of the Republic of Slovenia for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council for 2024–2025

Slovenia will formally announce its candidature for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council for the 2024–2025 term in New York today. The decision on the candidature put forth on the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was adopted by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia after having been considered by the Committee on Foreign Policy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia.

The candidature for a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council which, in accordance with the United Nations Charter, is the body with primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, is a follow-up to Slovenia’s active foreign policy after the successful presidency of the Council of the EU.

On 22 May 2022, Slovenia will mark the 30th anniversary of its UN membership. Over these three decades, its has established its reputation as a credible, responsible, active and visible member consistently striving for effective multilateralism and regularly fulfilling its obligations towards the UN. Slovenia’s candidature for a seat on the Security Council is in line with its ambition to reassume an active role also in the UN’s key body. On the symbolic level, the 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s being internationally recognised as an independent state will give additional impetus to its international activities aimed at garnering the widest possible international support for its candidature.

In case the Republic of Slovenia is elected in the Security Council, it will contribute its share of responsibility for maintaining international peace and security, and further enhance its reputation in foreign policy. In addition, it will gain a better insight into the policies, viewpoints and interests of key international actors, and participate in the drawing up of the global agenda. In the Security Council, Slovenia will act as a connecting link contributing to its efficient functioning.

The gist of Slovenia’s reasoning for UNSC candidature is its desire to seek constructive solutions rooted in respect for international law as the best guarantee of international peace and security, including the mechanisms for the peaceful resolutions of conflicts and respect for the decisions of international courts and tribunals.

The decision to file the candidature reflects Slovenia’s guidelines contained in the Declaration of Foreign Policy of the Republic of Slovenia and in the updated foreign policy strategic document. To ensure transparency, Slovenia notified its international partners of its decision.

In the 2024–2025 term, the Eastern European States, to which Slovenia belongs in the UN framework, will be granted one non-permanent seat, for which Belarus has also announced its candidature. The United Nations Security Council election for 2024–2025 will be held in June 2023 during the session of the UN General Assembly.


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