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Author Of The Book The Electoral Frauds Of The São Paulo Forum: The Left Needs Fraud To Stay In Power

“In order to carry out fraud, you must first create the conditions for it through a culture war. You need to destroy the concept of truth. The truth no longer exists, only opinions do. So, when you control social networks and invest a lot of money in them, you can control people’s opinions,” Alejandro Peña Esclusa, author of the book The Electoral Fraud of the São Paulo Forum, the sequel to the bestselling book exposing the criminal activities of the São Paulo Forum, pointed out on a recent episode of the show Aktualno (Current Affairs).

Alejandro Peña Esclusa began by explaining that the two books are complementary. Namely, the first – The São Paulo Forum’s Cultural Warfare – presents the strategic plan of the left in Latin America – to destroy culture in order to make it easier to deceive the population. The second book, The Electoral Fraud of the São Paulo Forum, presents the tactical plan of the left in Latin America, which is based on maintaining power and taking power without having to win elections to do so. So, by electoral fraud. “In this book, I describe these frauds because nothing like this has ever happened before. It is a modern, interconnected fraud that starts a few months before the elections and ends after the elections. It involves all parts of the elections,” he pointed out. He added that the book is the result of 20 years of investigation because this modern fraud – which he calls the 21st-century fraud – was developed in his own country, Venezuela. “It was developed by Hugo Chávez and his followers. I felt it important to write about it, because this fraud is being exported to other nations.” According to Peña Esclusa, we can expect it to be exported to Europe, perhaps even to Slovenia.

Member of the European Parliament from Slovenia, Dr Milan Zver, who wrote the foreword to the latest book, said that the content of the book is interesting and important for Slovenians. He believes that the book should be read by everyone who is interested in politics, if not by scientists. Every democrat, Zver said, must recognise the downsides of democracy. “Alejandro recognises them, makes sense of them, and, of course, fights for them. Because of this, he suffered exile to the European Union. The regimes in Latin America, today there are 11 of them, whose presidents belong to the São Paulo Forum, cannot stand critical claims or assessments, so he had to leave his homeland, which is a very severe punishment. It is only right for him to continue with his fight. We are in favour of helping him and joining this fight for democracy as a global phenomenon.”

According to Zver, we can see that over the last years and decades, hybrid systems have been trying to prove that they are more efficient than democracy, that they can more easily and efficiently meet people’s needs or provide some general services than democratic systems. “Democracy is therefore in a kind of stagnation, but we democrats must do our best to defend it.” Zver then also pointed out that there is a reflex of cultural Marxism currently present in Slovenia. “From the very beginning, back in the 1980s, there was a movement within this paradigm, cultural Marxism, influenced by Gramsci. Gramsci made a big turn within Marxism. Classical Marxism said that you have a socio-economic base, and when that changes, the cultural aspects of life automatically change. But Gramsci realised that first you have to change the head, the culture, and then you have to change the rest in a non-violent way.” The practical outcome, according to Zver, is the same – a socialist, communist society run according to the principles of Marxism. “We already know the rest of the story, which was already described in the first book. When the Soviet empire collapsed, of course, the South American elite got together in São Paulo and tried to find a strategy to maintain power,” he pointed out, adding that they were after power. The Forum has had its ups and downs, but today they are extremely strong. This year, he said, there will be five elections in South America, and six more next year. “Alejandro suggested that a strong observer body be set up to monitor the elections in these countries so that electoral fraud does not happen again.”

Peña Esclusa then shared the fact that he has been investigating the São Paulo Forum for 28 years now, and that was why he had ended up behind bars – for his rejection and fight against communism in Latin America. “I was in prison for one year, I was persecuted for 10 years in my own country, Venezuela. I was not allowed to write, speak, attend political events, or express my opinion. I was not allowed to appear on television, even if it was only to talk about baseball, football or anything else.” He said that after so many years of persecution, he decided to go through the jungle to the border and escape his Venezuelan persecutors. “Now I am here in Europe, and it is important for me to talk about these ideas because there are certain similarities between the São Paulo Forum and what could happen in Europe, because the São Paulo Forum wants to expand to Europe.” He gave the example of the Spanish party Podemos, which was founded in Venezuela. “From Spain, they now want to spread their tentacles all over Europe. That is why it is important that I do what I do.” Although his life could be described as a horror story, he wants to send a message to all people, especially young people. “What gives meaning to life is to fight for something bigger than yourself, to help others, to do good.” With his two books, which can be a manual on how to fight against this ideology, he wants to prevent the tragedy that is currently going on in Venezuela from being repeated in Slovenia and in other parts of the world. “Seven million Venezuelans have had to flee our country. That is 25 percent of the total population”, he said, adding that he still hopes it will one day be possible to revive democracy in Venezuela.

Venezuela was one of the richest countries in the world before Chávez, but now it is one of the poorest countries. “Venezuela had a very solid democracy for 40 years, people had good personal incomes, and the country was developing rapidly. However, communism that came with Chávez and his Cuban friends brought the destruction of everything,” he pointed out, adding that they have been in power for 23 years. Communism, he said, is not the same as it was 40 years ago. “Today, its basis is mind manipulation, not bullets and not violence. Of course, it also uses violence and weapons today, but the main thing is the manipulation of the mind by promoting this crazy ideology, which is anti-life, pro-drugs, pro-sex ideology, and pro-destruction of nation states. It causes ecological hysteria, which has nothing to do with the protection of nature, but is hysteria, an ideology.” Left-wing groups in Latin America and other parts of the world are doing this, he said, to deceive the population. “They do it deliberately.

It is not just about political power

According to Zver, the book describes how members of the São Paulo Forum use and abuse democracy for their own power. “It is not just about political power, it’s about power over the economy, especially oil, and power over drugs, crime, which also involves powerful intelligence networks, services of non-democratic countries like Iran.” The Iranian Revolutionary Guard is cooperating with South America in some criminal activities. It is an extremely powerful organisation, and this makes Iran a dark power, and therefore not just a regional power. The members of the Forum who are preaching to these countries have hijacked democracy. “They came to power through electoral fraud, then they abolished or subjugated some of the key democratic institutions, and they are also maintaining power by controlling civil society, the economy and key institutions.”

“We must take seriously the warning of the author of the book on the São Paulo Forum and ask ourselves whether it makes sense to allow far-left parties into the elections, because they are destroying the basic values that are universal in the Western milieu,” Zver then warned that by gaining power, far-left parties are threatening the very essence of democracy, because they want to destroy the nation, the family, private property, respect for fellow human beings, and freedom.

In the past, it was only at the polls that fraud could be committed, but today it is different

Regarding the new type of fraud, Peña Esclusa explained that at the heart of it are two issues related to modern elections. He said that social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, and the use of these platforms to convince people that a left-wing candidate will win, are the most important part of this fraud. “After the fraud, people say that this candidate would have won anyway. But that is not actually the case. Namely, social engineering is going on on these platforms to create their own image and to deceive people about the chances of certain candidates winning.” A good example, he believes, is Lula in Brazil. “One opinion poll agency predicted him winning by 10 percent, but he only won by 2 percent or 3 percent. The same thing happened with Gustavo Petro in Colombia and with Pedro Castillo in Peru.” He pointed out that another very important part of the fraud is the use of electronic devices, which is very modern. But not just for voting. “We know that in some places, voting is still manual. However, in Venezuela, for example, it is electronic, through voting machines. The electronic devices are then used to count the votes. The machines count the votes, but they are run by programmes that are designed to allow fraud.” There are other parts to this as well, such as controlling electoral authorities, and manipulating electoral rolls to artificially inflate them. “They invite outside observers to the elections, all of them from the left. They also manipulate the people conducting public opinion polls.” They buy companies that measure public opinion in order to manipulate the results of elections. “This is the result of using eight, nine or ten methods of fraud, which together make up the fraud of the 21st century. In the past, fraud could only be committed at the polls, but today, things are different.” They also use political coercion and even violence to intimidate people. In Chile and Colombia, they have almost destroyed the country with violent protests to force people to vote for the left.

It is no longer enough to just go to the polls

The author of the book The Electoral Frauds of the São Paulo Forum then warned that the modern fraud of the 21st century is being exported to other countries, too. He gave two examples. In July 2022, three Venezuelans were detained at the airport in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. “They were in possession of electoral documents; they were employees of a company that produced software for voting machines. They did not report the documents to the authorities. Let us think about this for a moment – what were they doing there? And let’s also look at the case of Angola. The opposition Members of Parliament said that they were the victims of a fraud that they did not recognise. They knew that it was a fraud, but did not know how it was carried out. And therein lies the problem of the 21st-century fraud. It is difficult to detect because it is extremely covert.” Peña Esclusa then said that the book proposes the creation of a strong citizens’ movement. “If we want to defend democracy, it is no longer enough to just go to the polls.” What is needed is a movement of active citizens who are educated, who understand what cultural Marxism is, what the culture war is, and who understand how this kind of electoral fraud works. “We need informed citizens who are ready to fight for their country and for democracy.”

Zver stressed that the constituencies in Slovenia were formed to the detriment of democratic forces. “Different sized constituencies mean different influence of the voters on the result. Even where there are single electoral commissions, there is considerable electoral fraud. We also have too many invalid ballot papers,” he warned. He pointed out that early voting, which is not supervised, is increasingly popular. “Under the guise of austerity, polling stations are being closed down, making it harder for older people to go to polling stations that are far away. In many ways, people are finding it harder to vote”.

“In order to carry out fraud, you must first create the conditions for it through a culture war. You need to destroy the concept of truth. The truth no longer exists, only opinions do. So, when you control social networks and invest a lot of money in them, you can control people’s opinions,” Peña Esclusa pointed out, highlighting the discovery by the current owner of Twitter that there were many bots being used on the site – meaning, these were users who did not exist, and they promoted left-wing ideas. They also censored users with different opinions from theirs. Peña Esclusa pointed out that in the case of Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, anyone could present a particular opinion. “If you have enough money, you can buy thousands of accounts and convince people that something is going on that is not real.” But control of the vote-counting software is also very important. People should not allow their vote to be changed, he said.

The leftists use the same techniques all over the world

He went on to point out that the people of the São Paulo Forum also have control over the drug trade. “And where do they export drugs to? To the US and Europe. Here you have young people who are destroying themselves with drugs – because of the work of the São Paulo Forum in Latin America, a major centre of production of cannabis, cocaine and heroin, which is being exported to Europe. In our world, everything is interconnected, and the left is using the same approaches all over the world. They talk, they export their knowledge, they export crime,” he pointed out, adding that he believes in knowing what is happening in other countries so that we can protect our own.

“The left can no longer win elections. Nobody wants them because they are crazy, because they promote these crazy sexual ideologies, abortion, destruction of the state, high taxes. Ideas that don’t work. They do not know how to govern, especially in our countries. They are bad at everything, that is why they are incapable of winning elections, and that is why they have invented this fraud. The title of the book tells you that the left needs deception and fraud to stay in power,” said Peña Esclusa, adding that if we are able to understand and counter such fraud, then we can overcome it. He said that cultural Marxism must be fought with reasoning, but it is important to understand how modern fraud works. It is also important not to do what they want. They want us to be on our phones all the time, wasting our time in hedonism. “It is much more important to do something good, something great in our lives.”

Left-wing governments are bad for the country in the long term and go against prosperity

MEP Zver then pointed out that left-wing governments are ineffective and added that, in contrast, when we had a centre-right government in power, Slovenia ranked high on all word indexes. These indexes are the most convincing proof that left-wing governments are bad for the country and bad for prosperity in the long run.

Ana Horvat

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