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Another in a series of “slip-ups” of RTV Slovenia: Jelinčič was not part of the show A Conversation with the Opposition

RTV Slovenia continues with its shameful performances, even though it is supposed to take care of balanced and objective reporting, in accordance with its mission. This time, they did not actually invite the entire opposition on their show A Conversation with the Opposition (Pogovor z opozicijo), that followed a conversation with the Prime Minister, Janez Janša. The leader of the SNS party, Zmago Jelinčič, was not invited to the studio at all, even though his party is formally a part of the opposition. In addition to Jelinčič, the former president of the Programme Council of RTV Slovenia, Mitja Štular, Ph.D., also commented on the situation.  

With its poor programme, a huge number of employees at the expense of taxpayer coercion, and faked independence, RTV Slovenia has been a problem ever since Slovenia became an independent country. However, it seems that the people at Kolodvorska street have literally gone crazy since the current government of Janez Janša began its term.

In these few short months of the current government being in power, the RTV Slovenia has made so many mistakes, caused so much damage, biasedly attacked the government, promoted the protests, and finally, also promoted the violent protests and one of its main players and promoters (although RTV later apologized profusely). In recent days, along with the other mainstream media and the opposition, RTV has lied about Janez Janša‘s letter, so without a concrete overhaul of the operating and management of this media house, it will be extremely difficult to regain confidence in it.

They invited the opposition to come on the show, but without the SNS party
In light of everything mentioned above, we should not be surprised by what they did on the show A Conversation with the Opposition. The parties of the opposition were invited to come on the show, however, not all of them. They did not invite the Slovenian National Party, a formal member of the opposition, which is the only party in the opposition that actually cooperates with the government. And that is also the only reason we can think of, that would explain why the national media outlet did something like that. Because the SNS party “did not fit” into the narrative framework they set up for their manipulation. Of course, the SNS leader Zmago Jelinčič agrees with this, writing “Fraudulent RTV,” on Twitter, in response to this situation.

The former president of the Programme Council of RTV Slovenia, Mitja Štular, Ph.D., also responded to the situation, writing: “The fact that the SNS party was not invited to join the other opposition parties at RTV Slovenia is not logical. RTV Slovenia, what criteria do you follow and who set it (this time)?”

Is RTV illogical?
When Štular said that this is illogical, he, of course, proceeded from the assumption that RTV Slovenia is committed to the public, and not the interests of a certain political option, which is clearly not the case. When we take the fact that the Slovenian national media outlet is the “Slovenian judge of the truth” and nothing else into account, their moves suddenly become completely logical.

Aleš Ernecl

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