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Another Disgrace For Our Country: Slovenian Ambassador Has Been Summoned For A Reprimand Conversation For Encouraging Terrorism

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently summoned Slovenian Ambassador to Israel, Andreja Purkart Martinez, for a discussion, where she was criticised for Slovenia’s recognition of Palestine as an independent state. In their press release, the Ministry described the recognition of Palestine as an “award for terrorism.”

According to a press release published on Monday by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yaakov Blitshtein, Director-General of the Ministry, held a reprimand conversation with the Slovenian Ambassador to Israel on Monday, due to Slovenia’s recognition of the Palestinian state.

The representative of the Ministry “passed on the criticism of the Slovenian government’s warped decision to recognise the Palestinian state, which is in contradiction with the policies of the European Union and most of the like-minded countries.”The recognition of Palestine was once again described in the press release as an “award for terrorism.”

This does not promote peace

According to the opinion of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, “this recognition by the government of Slovenia does not promote peace, it encourages the Hamas terrorist organisation, and it makes it difficult to promote a deal for the release of the hostages,” they also wrote.

Slovenia recognised Palestine as an independent state on the 4th of June, after the National Assembly supported the government’s proposal on the recognition of Palestine as an independent, sovereign country, at an extraordinary session. Namely, 52 of the 53 Members of Parliament who were present at the session voted in favour of the recognition, and none voted against it. Thus, Slovenia became the 147th member of the United Nations to recognise the state of Palestine, while the latter recognised Slovenia as an independent state in 1992.

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