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Although it is a public service broadcaster, RTV Slovenia is shamelessly promoting people who endanger public health!

RTV Slovenija proves time and time again that it is not the public television that is absolutely necessary for the informing of all citizens. Fifty days into the new government’s term, in the middle of an epidemic, they were already creating anti-government content. And even though they enthusiastically cover every “picnic” that the leftists call a “protest,” they completely ignored the “March for Life” which was held last Friday. Yesterday, they hosted a “covid-sceptic” in one of their shows: the media star of Friday’s protests (who they created themselves) and former rapped, Zlatan Čordić – Zlatko. His appearance caused quite a stir in the tweetosphere, mainly because he was wearing a torn mask, thus making fun of the basic measure which was implemented to fight against the spread of COVID 19. According to the tweetosphere, RTV Slovenija will partially be responsible for a possible second wave of the epidemic.

For some time now, the Slovenian government, led by the Prime Minister Janez Janša, has been warning about the importance of discipline in wearing protective masks if we want to avoid a second wave of the epidemic, and the mainstream media, led by RTV Slovenia, which is paid for by all Slovenian taxpayers, seems to be competing in trying to undermine the government and its advice.

Without any sense of responsibility, without concern for the public health (some might even cynically add – without the concern for an informed public), RTV Slovenia gives a platform not only to covid-sceptics, which is problematic in itself, but to covid-sceptics, who come to make fun of the measures, and who, in doing so, help to create the impression that the measures are “meaningless” and that “they do not have to be followed.”

Robert Ličen, Ph.D., commented on the situation on Twitter, writing: “Why is it necessary to bring a breath of fresh air to the RTV Slovenija and restructure it? Because of such irresponsible content, because they are making a fool out of all those who are aware of the seriousness of the COVID problem. They are also responsible for every job lost and for every death of a sick person.”

The Tweetosphere was bursting with comments because of the nonsense of the “public service broadcaster,” and Mitja Iršič’s summary of all of the problems connected with Zlatko’s visit to the studio on Sunday was probably the best. Here is what he wrote: “In many ways, the public service broadcaster RTV Slovenija is unique in Europe. It is unique when it comes to the homogeneity of political affiliation. The arranging of transmitters and connections. Political activism. It is also certainly unique due to the fact that, without any shame, as a public service broadcaster, they advertise people who endanger public health.

Some time ago, the Prime Minister, Janez Janša, also spoke about Zlatan Čordić and the likes, describing them as an “extremely loud minority.” “Drastic measures in autumn could only be avoided if the vast majority would be at least as responsible as we were in the spring. Currently, the majority is the hostage of a minority which is extremely loud and has a lot of media support, compared to similar minorities in other EU countries,” said the Prime Minister.

He was also very clear in regard to the behaviour of Zlatan Čordić and the Slovenian public service broadcaster: “This is most likely a direct violation of the Communicable Diseases Act – a misdemeanour of a specific person and a criminal offense of those responsible at RTV Slovenija.”

Aleš Ernecl

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