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A public opinion poll on the RTV web portal clearly shows the desire of the people: as many as 62 percent of the respondents believe that Janša’s government will finish its term in the same composition! KUL coalition has very low support!

The public opinion poll published on the RTV MMC web portal clearly shows what the Slovenians really want, and that is for the Janša government in its current composition to carry out its mandate to the end. As many as 62 percent of the respondents think so. Meanwhile, there is little confidence in the deep state’s project, called the Constitutional Arch Coalition (Koalicija ustavnega loka – referred to as KUL) – only 14 percent of the respondents believe that the KUL coalition will be able to form a government. However, the public opinion poll is still ongoing, so the results might still change. 

On the RTV website, in an article entitled: “Politics: From Šarec’s resignation to Janša’s government and the search for a ‘new Drnovšek’,” a public opinion poll was also published, the results of which make it obvious what the people really want and what they do not want from Slovenian politics. As many as 62 percent of them are convinced that the current government will be able to carry out its mandate to the end, in the same composition. Only 20 percent believe that there will be early elections.

A very small percentage of Slovenians – only 14 percent – believe that the KUL coalition will manage to get the necessary 46 votes from the deputies and will form a new government, while three percent of the people do not care what happens. In the article, the author wrote about the current political events that happened this year. He regrets the sudden resignation of Marjan Šarec, which happened at the beginning of the year. Šarec did not consult with his coalition partners before his resignation, as he expected that early elections would follow, but instead, what “happened” was Janez Janša.

There is currently a lot going on on the political stage, especially behind the scenes. The opposition pinned all their hopes on the DeSUS party joining the KUL coalition after Karl Erjavec was elected as the party’s president. However, Erjavec’s plans were thwarted by his own deputies, who are aware of the fact that the current government is doing good work, and have thus shown their level of maturity, as they want to achieve the goals to which they have committed in this term in office. The chances of Erjavec himself becoming the prime minister are small, as there are too many disagreements among the members of the opposition, which already became clear during the previous government’s term. Therefore, the deputies currently only have two options: Either early elections will be called, or the government will continue with its work.

Domen Mezeg

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