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A New Television Show On RTVS Openly Promotes LGBTQ+

Parents, beware of the new television show called PrvičFirst Time on public Radio-Television Slovenia, which, although officially about sexuality and emotions, is mainly a promotion of alternative sexual practices and behaviours. Homopromotion is not only permeating the media but is already infiltrating educational institutions as well.

Twenty-three-year-old Leonardo, an “activist”, “drag queen”, non-binary person, and “queer”, will inform your children and adolescents about various topics related to sexuality as part of the new series called “First Time” on RTV Slovenia. As part of it, young people will supposedly also learn about the term “queer”. RTV Slovenia’s web portal MMC explains that this is basically an umbrella term for the LGBT+ community. Leonardo says that when he says “queer”, he means that he belongs to the LGBTQ+ community.

The show has ten episodes, and young people recently had the opportunity to see two of them, the first and the fifth, at the Kinodvor cinema in Ljubljana. The series will be broadcast on Television Slovenia Channel 2 from the 12th of February and on Radio Slovenia Channel 1 from the 14th of February.

A person linked to the sexual predator Smodej and Fotopub will also be part of the television show!

In the television show, young people will supposedly talk about physical changes during puberty, about sexual identity (the case is commented by the actress Lina Akif, who is connected to Fotopub and is an acquaintance or friend of the notorious Dušan Smodej –  it is also important to note here that this was a sexual affair connected to prominent members of the coalition Left party – Levica). The film actor Domen Valič is also part of the television show. The series devotes a significant amount of time to queerness.

Leonardo transforms himself into a beauty in the show

Leonardo’s fashion style is particularly highlighted: “As far as style and dressing is concerned, I get quite mixed reactions, mostly positive, because people like to see a beautiful person. And besides, this is my style, just mine. No item of clothing has a gender. It is a garment. Anyone can wear anything.” On the show, Leonardo – with pleasure and whenever deemed needed –  also transforms himself from a man into the “queen of disguise” Karmen Dash.

Domen Mezeg

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