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“A new political experiment is starting, which will give us a headache!”

Among editors, journalists, and political commentators, we gathered first impressions and announcements about the results of today’s parliamentary elections.

Metod Berlec (Photo: Arhive Demokracija)

Metod Berlec, journalist, editor, and television host:

“Obviously the transitional left, the so-called deep state and related media once again managed to win with the help of a so-called new face, this time in the image of Robert Golob. The Slovene Democratic Party led by Janez Janša managed to repeat the result from the previous parliamentary elections, when it won by a large margin.

But this time, the votes of the left-wing electorate (according to the parallel elections) were clearly concentrated on Golob’s Gibanje Svoboda party, so it won by a large margin. Consequently, the parties of the so-called KUL coalition are a big loser in this election. Both the SD and the Levica have greatly worsened their position. Marjan Šarec’s list is just below the electoral threshold, and Alenka Bratušek’s party is apparently saying goodbye to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia.

Compared to the previous elections, Nova Slovenija has made slight progress. Undoubtedly, the joint list Povežimo Slovenijo did not do well, which did not break the parliamentary threshold after the parallel elections, but there is a possibility that after all the votes counted, it will break the magic limit of four percent, as it has a strong hinterland in the countryside. Although the question arises as to whether it was wise for the once strong SLS to completely drown in some new alliance that did not have a clear leader. In any case, it is obvious that the countryside was once again passive and that the centre-right parties failed to address them enough. And this despite the fact that the government has done a lot for the development of the Slovenian countryside.

In any case, it can be concluded that the dominant media played an important role in this great victory of the Gibanje Svoboda party, this new experiment, which will give us all a severe headache – both us citizens and the whole country.”

Tino Mamić (Photo: STA / Nace Hočevar)

Tino Mamić, editor-in-chief of the weekly Domovina.

“Political parties in the centre-right will have to redefine their strategy, as they have not made the expected breakthrough, despite large media investments. Central voters were not persuaded, as they mostly voted for Svoboda party.

However, the biggest defeat was suffered by the left or left coalition Kul. This is nothing new, as we saw a similar situation during the victory of Positive Slovenia and SMC. However, this is a very bad guide for established left-wing politicians and portrays them as puppets. Or like paper straws that you throw away after a single use.

Janša is in fact the biggest victim, as the results of his government are excellent, while the media has made him the biggest problem in the country. A few weeks ago, I said that I would not be surprised if he decided to go to a political position in international organisations in the future, as he ranks very high in the world.”

Gašper Blažič (Photo: Archive Demokracije)

Gašper Blažič, journalist of Demokracija, editor of its daily board and editor of the portal.

It is difficult to express on election night all that has accumulated through all these months of strenuous and brutal campaigns. I believe that the government and its parties have done everything possible for Slovenia’s prosperity and success. But apparently this was far too little, people want change at the top. In the times of the LDS victories, it was obviously different, at that time the winning party was operating with the support of the political underworld, and it had a rather weak opposition to itself. It was different now. These elections were in many ways reminiscent of those of 2011, when the “new face” Zoran Janković celebrated as the winner but was later unable to form a government. Golob turned out to be a successful formula, practically all the potential that had previously been scattered across the KUL parties was now concentrated in the Svoboda party. Obviously, the formula with “new faces” still works well, but it also means that the transition will not be over for a very long time. Normalisation of the country would require at least two more full mandates from the centre-right government, but unfortunately, we only had a good two years of government here, which managed to redirect financial flows from the taxpayer’s coffers to the people. But this period is clearly coming to an end.”

Vinko Vasle (Photo: Archiv Demokracija)

Vinko Vasle, journalist, publicist, satirist, and writer.

“The phrase that voters are always right is very worn out, because with everything that Robert Golob represents, it is difficult to say that it is right that he was elected with a convincing result. The reflex “as long as it is not Janša” will return to these voters like a boomerang, because like those who did not vote for him, they will benefit from Golob’s rule – first, wage cuts due to the abolition of personal income tax, tax increases and other liberating social measures. Given the socialist leftist pedigree in fact the LDS noudba incarnation, however, the pitfalls will be even greater. Golob is proof that he is not far from Golobič’s and Drnovšek’s corruption agenda, moreover, he has been involved in this from the very beginning and this story does not end with his victory.

As for the others, I like Tanja Fajon’s masochistic self-conviction that she won, and the highlight is Alenka Bratušek’s statement that it is not a tragedy that she did not come to parliament with the party, because the victory is that Janša did not win. Since leftists like to invoke responsibility, it must be said that due to extremely poor results, both Mesec and Fajon should step down. Marjan Šarec does not need to. He is not in.”

Stane Granda, historian, and publicist.

“We got the March 8th government!

The story of Egyptian pots of meat is repeated. More important than the struggle for capital is the war for the people and their voices. The school was too neglected. On it, post-independent Slovenia is losing battles. Directed education celebrates!

The money the Janša government received in Brussels buried it. Slovenian oligarchs cannot leave such a gift to non-urban citizens of the Slovenian state. Kučan experiences his swan song. The victims will be the Slovenian state (culture, army, police …) democracy, pensioners, and the elderly. Not to mention economic progress.

The gypsy laughs when it rains because he is looking forward to the sun.”

Boris Tomašič (Photo: Arhive Demokracija)

Boris Tomašič, director of Nova24TV

“Slovenia has got something new, although in fact it is nothing new. And one party has never had 40 seats in the history of the Slovenian parliament. Even though Miro Cerar, 36%, has already achieved better results and the LDS something similar, 40 seat really is a lot. People decided, congratulations to the winner, no matter what opinion I have of him, one must be correct: Come, see, win. However, I am sincerely sorry that the Levica came to parliament.”

By: C.R.

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