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A Large-Scale Tender For The Purchase Of Hygiene Products For Migrants Has Been Published

The government is looking for suppliers for 170 thousand hotel soaps, 200 thousand units of shampoo, 900 condoms, 15 thousand units of toothpaste, 60 thousand toothbrushes for adults, 240 thousand units of toilet tissue paper, 36 thousand rolls of toilet paper, hundreds of litres of disinfectant and thousands of wipes for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, according to a public tender for the purchase and supply of hygiene products, hygienic tissue paper items, and disinfectants for the needs of illegal migrants.

In the years 2023 and 2024, the government is more than obviously planning a significant increase in the number of illegal migrants and their care. In fact, in the last days of January, the Government Office published three public tenders with a validity of 24 months (two years), similar to the tenders launched in 2018 and early 2019.

In January, the Government Office for the Support and Integration of Migrants started collecting tender offers for renting furnished accommodation. In addition, two tenders were published for the purchase and supply of PVC sandals and sports footwear and for the provision of full-day catering. Hygiene supplies, disinfection products and paper and toiletries seem to be next in line. You can read about the required quantities here:

1. Hygiene products

· disposable razors – double blade: 30,000 pieces

· soap – for hotels, hard: 170,000 pieces

· shampoo – for hotels: 200,000 pieces

· condoms: 300 packs of 3, 900 condoms in total

· toothpaste: 15,000 units

· adult toothbrush, soft: 10,000 pieces

· adult toothbrush, medium softness: 50,000 pieces

· shower gel, various scents, 250 to 300 ml pack: 4,500 pieces

· adult comb: 200 pieces

· face cream, 100 to 250 ml: 500 pieces

· hand cream, 30 to 100 ml: 100 pieces

· shaving foam: 1000 pieces

· hair and beard trimmer: 30 pieces

· shampoo – for children: 600 pcs

· shampoo for all hair types: 2000 pieces

· nail clippers, metal: 300 pieces

The list also includes cotton pads, baby wipes, diapers, sanitary napkins, etc.

2. Hygienic tissue paper items:

· crepe pink hand towels: 21,600 rolls

· toilet paper in sheets: 240,000 rolls

· paper hand towels, folded sheets: 7,500 rolls

· toilet paper rolls: 36,000 rolls

3. Disinfection products:

· 350 litres of disinfectant

· 420 units of hand sanitiser (250 to 350 ml)

· 3,000 pieces of wipes for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces

· 30 wall mounts, 1-litre dispensers (e.g. Dermados GSBN 1N)

All this will, of course, be paid for with taxpayers’ money. Offers are being accepted until the 22nd of March 2024, and the duration of the contract is 24 months. In the event that they are unable to attract a new tenderer by the end of this procurement, the Contracting Authority reserves the right to extend the Framework Agreements until such time as a new contractor is selected or a new Framework Agreement is signed and in force.

Moja Dolenjska

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