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Will the competent services take action? MPs would be killed with a bat this time!

“If it is a real person, the Slovenian police and the prosecutor’s office and the judiciary should not have much work to do. When the first will answer for such calls, it will be over,” said Ukom director Uroš Urbanija, pointing out an example of a threat that is ripe for criminal prosecution and which often remains unsanctioned in our country. As it turns out, this is even one of the comments on the FB page of the Slovenian Press Agency.

A social media user posing as Vera Janković Olujić wrote in a controversial comment: “All of you in parliament are not worth spitting at you… You must be killed with a shitty stick, traitors!” A stick is translated as a bat or a club. On the one hand, such records reveal how desperate some left wing extremists are and how they are going crazy from everything “bad”.

At the same time, with such threats, the recent spitting action of left wing extremists entitled “Spit and smile, this will make the day better!” As part of this action, the demonstrators surrounded, threatened and spitted at the NSi MP Jožef Horvat. SNS champion Zmago Jelinčič Plemeniti and Tadeja Šuštar, also from the NSi ranks, received similar threats. Even infectologist Mateja Logar received threats.

At the same time, it is worth remembering the slowness of law enforcement action when victims of threats are representatives of right wing political options and their speed or responsiveness when threatening “first-class” representatives of the people. Months ago, we reported on a case when the Minister of the Interior, Aleš Hojs, and the SD champion, Tanja Fajon, received the same threat.

In the case of the Hojs threat, the district attorney’s office rejected the threat report, while after the same threat, Fajon’s writer received an invitation to the police. In the second case, of course, it was a critical provocation, which proved that a caste system or first- and second-class criteria apply to the protection of Slovenian citizens. The threat was: “A dog that needs to be liquidated!”

Domen Mezeg

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