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When the Inflow of Money Stops, Frustrations and Hatred Arise: This Time, It Was Leljak, the Mayor of Radenci, Who Was Being Criticised!

“I am nostalgically remembering the peaceful times in the municipality of Radenci, before the Ustasha mayor,” Irena Petek Petka from Radenci, where Roman Leljak is the mayor, wrote on Facebook. In his response, Leljak revealed that there is a reason for such harsh words coming from a citizen – namely, her family economy was funded by municipal money.  The same reason is driving cyclists and NGOs to the streets, where they are protesting against the government every Friday.

Mayor Roman Leljak, known to the public for clearly and loudly expressing his disagreement with the existence of Titova street, emphasised in his response that he usually does not react to such posts and asked where all of this hatred towards him is coming from. Since, of course, Leljak knows where the core of the hatred lies, he revealed the following: “The company Elektro Petek no longer has a contract with the municipality, Irena Petek is no longer receiving fees from the municipality, Ida Petek’s husband is winning tenders for art supplies. It would be worth returning the monetary peace of old times, I agree. Prosecutors who are fighting for a salary of 20 thousand euros in the EU, there is a lot of work for you in Slovenia as well.”

Leljak apparently upset Petek
Apparently, Irena Petek Petka, who is considered to be a fan of the red star, was very upset that Leljak dared to reveal what was the reason for her post, as she responded with a longer comment, which is also filled with hatred and primitivism. “Ah, I was sure that the words that would hurt the most were “Ustasha mayor.” However, he obviously likes that title. Because he is very well funded by those from across the border. Or maybe his mother was not able to translate my post into Croatian, because she was too busy chasing the bad uncle, whose name begins with the letter “T,” from under the bed – the same uncle who he has been chasing every night for three years now?” she wrote in the introduction of her response to Leljak and his supporters, in a contemptuous tone, adding that from now on, she will start publishing from the bottom up, because, according to her, Leljak and his supporters are not capable of reading a longer sentence to the end. “Now that he is a semi-professional mayor, he obviously has even more time to write stories that are only intended for his cannibal bone pickers.”

In her response, Petek also pointed out how pure envy is supposedly boiling out of Leljak because Petek’s family can live nicely, and as she says, they do not need the municipality’s funding for that. “Each person for themselves, on their own, and from their own means, all of our lives. Unlike him, who finally got lucky and managed to get into the municipal bag. Which did not happen for him until he was 54, when he became a mayor after a series of unfortunate circumstances.” According to her, Leljak only managed to produce 8 million euros of debt and cheat hundreds of people.

“For now, he is being saved by lies, manipulations and abuse of municipal authority and God himself, who allegedly promised him, a former communist, forgiveness for all debts, if he started to promote him properly… And besides, I once again got confirmation that my posts always hit the middle of the target. Great. Not responding to my post? Hahaha… That is a good one. And regarding the one with the gun and the soft… (ahem) – karma will take care of him. To conclude, dear Ustasha, you will not stop me! Unless your soft “č”s kill me… In order to be worthy of respect from the Petek family, which you love to mention so much, you will have to go over the rainbow and pay for your sins for a few more centuries,” she added.

The source of frustrations and hatred of the leftists is clear
This example clearly reveals what is the source of frustrations and hatred of the individuals who are so rudely settling the score with those on the right. When the inflow of money stops, their blood starts to boil. And it is no different when it comes t the protesters and the cultural workers, who have been protesting ever since the government of Janez Janša has come to power. Petek’s photos and posts reveal that she gets along very well with the anti-government protesters. She also takes part in the protest actions herself and makes sure to take photos with the great frontman of the protests, Jaša Jenull. It is with great pleasure that she also shares photographs of the posters which show, for example, Prime Minister Janša in prison.

It is really sad to see how far some people are willing to go. Of course, everyone has the right to express their opinion in a democratic country, but a basic culture of dialogue is always needed. Namely, hatred only encourages more hatred, which does not bring anything good in the end.

Sara Kovač

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