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Was the Verdict of the District Court Against Janša Written by a Judge Who Is an Influential Member of the SD Party?

As we recently reported on our web portal, according to our information the Prime Minister Janez Janša has not received the verdict in the “stollen villa” case yet, although it is already known that the Velenje District Court ruled in favour of the plaintiff, the Social Democrats party. Janša also did not receive an invitation to the hearing, and neither was he informed that any proceedings were pending in court. Even if Janša was absent when they tried to deliver the mail to him, they would have delivered it to his mailbox after 16 days, in accordance with the law, which, according to our reliable information, did not happen. Is this just a political construct of the court, which is known to employ sympathisers or even members of the SD party?

It is no secret that the well-known names of the Velenje court associate with the officials of the SD party and even participate in their events. According to our information, the news has recently spread in the high circles in Velenje that the verdict on this topic was actually written or edited by Andreja Katič, a former Minister of Justice and an influential member of the Social Democrats.

District Court judges at the First of May picnic revealed the influence of the Social Democrats
The fact that Slovenian District Courts employ lots of members of the Social Democrats party is best evidenced by the case of Maribor political judges Matjaž Štok and Slavko Gazvoda, who declared themselves supporters and sympathisers of the SD party years ago, during the First of May holidays, while in the past they signed warrants to prosecute and even detain representatives of the competing political camp. Namely, photo evidence came to light at the time, showing the two attending a picnic of the SD party, which caused public outrage.

Namely, Gazvoda, the investigative judge from the promotional photo used by Tanja Fajon, the leader on the list of the SD party at the European elections, who wore the totalitarian symbol of the former regime on his chest, signed an order in 2011 for an investigation of the premises, used by the SD party’s political rival Franc Kangler, who was a member of the SLS party at the time. And Matjaž Štok, who was also repeatedly shown in photos published by the leader on the list of the SD party, Tanja Fajon in her promotional photos, while wearing the red party T-shit, signed an order for the detaining of a politician from a party which competes with the one Štok sympathises with. According to a certain source, Štok is an annual guest at the local SD party event.

Janša: “Not so fast, Tanja Fajon, this is only the beginning”
Tanja Fajon
, who is currently the president of the Social Democrats and was a journalist of the Television Slovenia for many years before her political career took off, called on Janša to publicly apologise and pay 10,000 euros in compensation, as determined by the Velenje District Court. We have also reported on the fact that in its verdict, the Velenje Court even told the Prime Minister exactly what he had to write in a tweet, in which he was supposed to apologise to the Social Democrats. The verdict is not yet final, and Janša’s legal representative Franci Matoz has already announced an appeal.

Janša himself also warned Fajon on Twitter that the court battle was far from over; namely, the proceedings will continue in the higher court, to which the political network of the SD party has not gotten yet. “Not so fast, Tanja Fajon. This is only the beginning. And besides, tell me, how much did you pay for the villa? Just write down the number,” tweeted the Prime Minister. The SD party responded to his tweet, writing that the information was allegedly hidden in the mail he had not collected, for which we have already reported that they never actually sent it to Janša. How much did they pay for the villa in which the party is based today, is a question that our editorial office also sent to the Social Democrats party today. We are still waiting for their response and will publish it as soon as we receive it.

Hypocrisy: they accused Janša of anti-Semitism, while they themselves rejected the request of the European Jewish Association to right a historical wrong and return the villa
The European Jewish Association also believes that the Social Democrats are residing in a stolen villa. As we have already reported, the chairman of the Association, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, wrote to Tanja Fajon in spring of this year and told her that the villa on Levstikova Street 15 in Ljubljana, where the SD party’s headquarters are now located, was owned by Felix Moskovič until 1943, but during World War II, he and his family were taken to concentration camps where they died, along with millions of other Jews. Margolin added that after their deaths, the property was sold under questionable conditions, nationalised, and then used by the communist party in the former Yugoslavia.

In his letter, the chairman of the European Jewish Association pointed out that the Social Democrats could right a historical wrong by returning the villa where the party is located to the Slovenian Jewish Community. “We believe this would be an appropriate, just, and moral use of Mr Moskovic’s home and a righting of a historic wrong,” Margolin added. It is also worth pointing out that the same Social Democrats who repeatedly accused Janez Janša of anti-Semitism and compared his rule to fascists refused to even speak to the European Jewish Association about repairing the injustice that was done to the Moskovič family. The SD party’s relations with the Slovenian Jewish Community regarding this matter are in order, Fajon wrote in a press release at the time.

The SD party still owns at least 11 different properties across Slovenia, worth more than a million and a half euros, which they inherited from the Communist Party
Some time ago, the web portal 24ur reported that the SD party is practically a real estate mogul, as it owns as many as 11 properties in the total size of 1,753.99 square meters, which the party received as the legal successor of the League of Communists of Slovenia. The real estate is estimated to be worth more than a million and a half euros.

Here is what the Constitutional Court judges wrote before the signing of the exchange contract regarding the SD party’s takeover of the properties of the former League of Communists: “Social assets which were managed by socio-political organisations did not become the party’s property. The law on political association does not have such provisions on the transformation of social property into the property of political organisations.”


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