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Violence At The March For Life! Wild Anarcho-Leftists Started A Fight!

On Saturday, the March for Life was held in Ljubljana, which was organised by the Coordination of Civil Society Organisations in Support of the Protection of Human Life from Conception to Death. And in the direct vicinity of the march, violent incidents also occurred!

While the March for Life was attended by young families – mothers, fathers, children, grandfathers and grandmothers, who were peacefully expressing their – legally registered – right to protest, on the other hand, wild anarcho-leftists caused an incident in the direct vicinity of the rally.

“And on the other side, we can see a few dozen violent protesters shouting slogans against life, motherhood and family,” tweeted Aleksander Rant, editor-in-chief of Nova24TV, while reporting on the march.

Namely, a group of extreme leftists tried to disrupt the protest by shouting slogans against life, motherhood and the family. But they did not stop there; they even started fighting. The extremists had obviously come to the protest prepared, as they were masked, in order to prevent the cameras from catching their identity.

These violent extremists reminded us of the protests of the “covidiots,” which happened last Autumn. Back then, the protesters intimidated Ljubljana and even occupied part of the motorway ring road. The left clearly does not seem to understand that in a democracy, even those who disagree with their views have the right to protest. They imagine democracy in a completely dictatorial way. When they protest, everyone, including the law enforcement authorities, simply has to comply. But when people with whom they disagree protest, they are also willing to resort to violence to get what they want.

Andrej Žitnik

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