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[Video] Who Were the People Gathering Under the Symbol of the Red Star on Sunday in Order to Spread the Virus, Is Best Told by the Song “Hey Tycoons”

On Sunday, partisan songs were sung in Ljubljana again. The crowds wanted to return back to the past, to 70 years ago, and in their desire, they sang the song “Hey brigades, hurry up, chase away the arsonists of Slovenian homes (a rough translation of the Slovenian song “Hej brigade”).” But instead, it would have been much more appropriate to sing a parody song that sounds like this: “Hey tycoons, hurry up and seize the silver of the Slovenian families!” And it is precisely these tycoons who own the silver of many Slovenian families, who led yesterday’s event, with the main “partisan” Janković at the helm, while the others encouraged him with their cheers. Who this elite is, is best told by the parody Hey tycoons.

Although on Sunday – on Europe’s Day – songs that look to the future of Slovenia should have been heard in Ljubljana, we have actually gone back a long way. The crowds shouted and sang partisan songs, saying that on the 9th of May 1945, Ljubljana was liberated by the partisans – despite the fact that history is clear (though apparently not to everyone), and it is a well-known fact that the occupier did not leave the territory because of the victorious partisan army, but because of the events on the Eastern and Western fronts. So a song that they sang, “Hey brigades,” is pointless, and a more suitable choice would be a parody of this partisan song.

Hey tycoons, hurry up and seize the silver of the Slovenian families!
Come on, Zoki, play for us; let it be heard everywhere! We send our greetings from the tycoon valleys.
Where are the borders, barriers for the Ljubljana bastards? No, there are no barriers nor borders for us.
In bypass companies and the related banks. From bankruptcy! Onward to victory.
We only need to take care of
Janša and decapitate the army. From bankruptcy! Onward to victory.
Across the plots that were sold, all the way to the white Ljubljana. Our bank penetrates like a storm!
As long as the tycoons are here, who could be angry at the fact that a Serbian is the master of Ljubljana.”

Despite the fact that the video is not from this year’s event, Sunday’s celebration did not look all that different, as – despite the epidemic – many people did not wear masks. In doing so, they once again demonstrated their “love” and care for the fellow man.

Sara Kovač

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