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[Video] MP Grims: The Radical Levica Party Happily Supported the Fascist Manifesto and Hitler’s Greeting

People need to be woken up and reminded of those fundamental constitutional norms or values on which every policy should be based and on which independent Slovenia also stands. Among these values are freedom, democracy, equality and, of course, security. We all have the right to live safely. We are all equal before the law, and this also unconditionally applies to the Levica party (the Left). “This is the main point of the story; the oldest trick of the leftists is to point the finger at another person and accuse them of what they are actually doing,” SDS MP Branko Grims commented on the Levica party’s accusations on the show Tema dneva (Topic of the Day) – namely, on their claims that the current government is destroying democracy in this country.

The opposition parties of the National Assembly fiercely reacted to the request of the SDS and NSi parties for an extraordinary session of the National Assembly to discuss the programme of the Levica party – as it indicates the possibility of unconstitutional action. Igor Zorčič, Speaker of the National Assembly, asked the Legislative and Legal Service for its opinion on the admissibility of the request, as the Constitutional Court has the jurisdiction over the issue of establishing unconstitutionality. In the Levica party, they said that they stand behind their programme, because there is nothing wrong with it, but according to them, there are many things wrong with our society. They believe that such actions by the SDS party are a serious threat to the foundation of democracy. The SDS party is also supposedly targeting all independent institutions, the media, the judiciary and the opposition, said Matej Tašner Vatovec, the leader of the Levica party’s parliamentary group.

Accusations have been coming from the Levica party, claiming that the SDS party is misleading and manipulative in its accusations related to their party programme. SDS MP Branko Grims emphasised that this is absolutely not true, as they are only citing facts, quotes from the Levica party’s programme, and statements made by the representatives of this party – which they cannot deny. Nor can they deny the various acts which reveal who they really are. “One such example was when I read the May 1st greeting card of Adolf Hitler in the National Assembly and asked them if they really agreed with it. They went crazy with enthusiasm and said they stand behind every word,” Grims added. Only then, of course, did he explain to them that what he had read to them were actually Hitler’s words. We should also remind you of the Levica MP Violeta Tomić, who was willing to sign the fascist manifesto on Prešeren Square – all socialisms were totalitarian, and as the idiom says, “birds of a feather flock together.”

This is about destroying what is the essence of a modern democratic society
The Levica party would like to nationalise all companies in the country, and they also have individual articles that describe this in their programme, which were also cited in the appeal that the SDS and NSi parties submitted to the National Assembly. This is about destroying what is the essence of a modern democratic society. In addition to nationalising everything, they advocate solutions that lean in the direction of censorship. “I believe that any censorship is inadmissible, political censorship is completely inadmissible – it is a violation of the constitutional norm on the right to freedom of speech,” Grims pointed out. The only thing that the Levica party denies or really distances itself from is the translation of a document created at the International Meeting of the Antifa – the document that was translated to Slovenian was being spread by the members of the Levica party until the SDS party included it in the proposal that it later filed in the National Assembly. Nevertheless, the Levica party cannot just deny their programme or their actions.

Socialism always brings destruction, the disintegration of the economy, misery and huge social disparities
The host of the show Tema dneva asked Grims to comment on Zorčič’s opinion, who said he does not even know if it is at all permissible for such a discussion to happen in the National Assembly. “Socialists stick together. The Levica party says out loud what many others among the leftists think, which includes at least the LMŠ party, now also the independent MPs, and, of course, the SD party. That is to say; they are all fans of socialism – they are counting on people to forget what socialism is, socialism always brings destruction, the disintegration of the economy and misery, as well as huge social disparities,” Grims pointed out. All over the world, the left is currently radicalising, and this is a big problem. They are resorting to violence, deception – on the principle of pointing at one another and yelling for others to be held back, while they themselves are attributing to others what they are actually doing – which is nothing new, of course.

All of this is driven by the money of financial speculators like George Soros, and they were always the people yelling that they are against capitalism and the like, but in reality, they are the biggest conductors of the very worst parts of capitalism. These are not entrepreneurs; these are speculators, as well as people who also create extra profits by creating emergencies. Grims pointed out in his explanation that the leftists are helping them with this.

Everything they do, they do with the goal of radicalisation
“Our congressional resolution is an effort for constitutionality,” the SDS MP stressed, adding that the Constitution is something that binds everyone. Therefore, everything – including the programmes of political parties – must be within the limits of the Slovenian Constitution; that is the essence of democracy. “And look where we are now, some people are tearing down the very constitutional foundations, and at the same time are appalled that the others want to point this out. This is a theatre of the absurd. Everything they do, they do with the goal of radicalisation. Their methods are also intended for this, for example, them calling other people fascists. By doing so, they want to dehumanise others so that all means, all methods become permissible. And this is what we are warning people about with the request we submitted to the National Assembly, we are warning everyone of where this leads, and we are also warning about it in our congressional resolution – the essence of which is that we expect everyone to respect the Constitution, the constitutional values and the constitutional order,” the MP pointed out once more.  

Sara Bertoncelj

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