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Unacceptable Behaviour in the Temple of Democracy: Members of the Radical Levica Party Had Gone Completely Wild

“What is important here, banging on desks and screaming, and what else? Why is any of this necessary? You are adults who can communicate in a cultural way. I am chairing the session today,” said Iva Dimic, the chairwoman of the Committee on Education, Science, Sport and Youth, at the committee’s recent session. Right after that, MP from the Levica party (the Left), Luka Mesec, took the floor again, shortly followed by Nataša Sukić.

On Friday evening, the deputies of the radical Levica party caused quite a stir with their rude behaviour at the session of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science, Sport and Youth. They kept interrupting the chairwoman of the committee, Iva Dimic, they spoke whenever they felt like it, and even decided when it was other people’s turn to talk. At the session, the deputies discussed the amendment to the Organisation and Financing of Education Act, as well as the report on the implementation of the resolution on Slovenia’s Research and Innovation Strategy 2011-2020.

The Levica party was angered by the late hour
After almost eight hours, just before 10 p.m., the coordinator of the Levica party, Luka Mesec, pointed out to the chairwoman of the committee, Iva Dimic, that the session of the committee should not continue after 10 p.m. He proposed that the meeting be adjourned. Aljaž Kovačič from the LMŠ party then said that the speaker of the National Assembly, Igor Zorčič, supposedly sent a message to chairwoman Dimic, in which he expressed the expectation that the session would be adjourned at 10 p.m. at the latest. However, this was nothing but a tactful manoeuvre of the Levica party, with a little help from the LMŠ party. They first demanded four 45-minute breaks and ruined the workday, and then they argued that decision-making after 10 p.m. is highly irregular. “Pure deception and manipulation,” said Mojca Škrinjar, an SDS MP. However, this is the culture of the Levica party – the leftists who so desperately want to come to power.
Secretary-General of the Slovenian Democratic Youth (the youth section of the Slovenian Democratic Party), Nejc Brence, commented on the leftists’ behaviour on Twitter, writing: “Since they seem to believe that they are only MPs until 10 p.m., they are creating chaos in the National Assembly, shouting, and speaking out of turn. And this is the “alternative” to the current coalition? There will be no easier decision than going to the polls on the 24th of April and voting for the SDS party, thus completely disabling any possibility of the so-called Constitutional Arch Coalition’s further destruction of our country.”

Sara Kovač

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