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Two Police Officers Were Beaten By Far-Leftists In Ljubljana

On Saturday’s ultra-leftists march through Ljubljana, two policemen were thrown to the ground and beaten by the wild protesters. The latter also spray-painted a bus and two police cars.

Around 400 people attended an extreme event in Ljubljana on Saturday – the Balkan Anarchist Book Fair. Police officers monitored the event from 4 p.m. onwards. The event was held in front of the Tabor sports hall in the centre of Ljubljana. Visitors stayed in the area until around 9 p.m., after which they headed through the streets of the capital, reports the media outlet Slovenske novice (Slovenian news).

They were accompanied by police officers to protect those involved in the extreme event, as well as bystanders and traffic. During the march, however, two police officers noticed one of the left-wing women spray-painting graffiti on a city bus and tried to stop her from committing the crime. At the same time, a group of extremists surrounded them, knocked them to the ground and started beating them. The group dispersed after other police officers intervened.

One of the police officers was slightly injured by the anarchists. After 10 p.m., the march through Ljubljana ended, and most of the participants went to Metelkova Street. After the event, police officers noticed that someone had also damaged two police cars during the event, spray-painting them and causing 6,000 euros worth of damage. Police officers are still investigating the crime, collecting reports and will take appropriate action.

The police strongly condemn the actions of the extremists. “We would like to add that it is highly unacceptable that activities at various events and gatherings are used to commit crimes and cause damage to common state and municipal property. What is reprehensible are the indiscriminate attacks on police officers who are there to protect people’s lives and property – even the lives of those participants who kicked and injured a police officer with no qualms,” Aleksandra Golec, the spokesperson for public relations at the Ljubljana Police Directorate, told Slovenske novice.

Domen Mezeg

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