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This Is Not A Joke! Golob Is Rapidly Building A Repressive Apparatus For Covert Operations And The Suppression Of Fundamental Freedoms!

We have learned from reliable sources that the Golob government is accelerating the work on the project for a special unit for the protection of Robert Golob, and that an anti-hate speech unit is also in the works, which would operate within the police and would monitor political competition. And the person behind these crazy ideas is allegedly Golob’s informal security adviser, Miloš Njegoslav Milović.

Who is Prime Minister Robert Golob so afraid of, is the question that comes to mind upon hearing the information that his government is rapidly building a repressive apparatus to suppress freedom of speech, as well as a special group for Golob’s personal protection.

About two months ago, the web portal Požareport reported that Miloš Njegoslav Milović from Kamnik, a former police specialist who is now an entrepreneur and Golob’s unofficial security advisor, was preparing his own para-intelligence unit, also made up of police officers. Allegedly, they are the so-called “plumbers,” who work in various secret operations, and the group would also include members of the Security and Protection Centre from the General Police Directorate. The Security and Protection Centre is in charge of protecting Golob and other Slovenian politicians, who – because of their position – are entitled to special police protection. But now, several sources from the government rooms have confirmed to us that a special unit for the personal protection of Prime Minister Golob is being set up, precisely because of Milović’s recommendation. It is said to consist of 15 people.

Sources say that Milović, who also goes by the nickname “Negola,” in agreement with Bojan Oman, who is the head of the Security and Protection Centre, has already chosen the head of (special) personal security for Robert Golob, and the other police officers that will be part of the unit – the security guards. And at least some of them were apparently asked by Milović if they would be willing to take on any additional jobs, where special skills are needed, and if they would be willing to do it in their free time. When Milović wanted to include members of the Slovene Intelligence and Security Agency (Slovenska obveščevalno-varnostna agencija – SOVA) to his group of “plumbers,” he was allegedly turned down by the current acting Director of the Agency, Joško Kadivnik, who was appointed to the post on the 2nd of June this year by the Golob government. Kadivnik allegedly refused Milović because he is a career intelligence officer and therefore does not want to be politically defined and also does not want to get caught up in political-intelligence para-operations.

Miloš Njegoslav Milović may not be the most well-known name to the wider Slovenian public, but those who know a lot about the Slovenian political scene have heard of him before, as he is one of the major players of the “deep state.” We have already written about this former police specialist, who was also the head of security of the late Janez Drnovšek. He was also the confidant of UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin but then defected to Zoran Janković, for whom he is still allegedly doing some “dirty” work, among which we have already written in the past, including the case of the financing of the rebel protests organised by Zoran Stevanović, leader of the party (The Truth Party). Today, Milović officially presents himself as an entrepreneur from Kamnik (Katzenberg), but he operates under the umbrella company VPS svetovanje d.o.o. (VPS Consulting), which, in 2020 – according to publicly available data – recorded revenues of just over 418 thousand euros.

In addition, an anti-hate speech unit is also being set up, which would – beware – operate as a unit within the police. All of this, of course, is a cover for the prosecution of political competition and a very dangerous matter which should worry all citizens. Similar groups to combat hate speech and even climate change deniers already exist in Canada and France, but they have much greater powers than the regular police.

Sara Kovač

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