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These Are the Untruths About the Government Communication Office That Nataša Pirc Musar Told the European Public!

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has refuted the lies of the lawyer Nataša Pirc Musar, who spoke about the Government Communication Office in the European Parliament. Pirc Musar is thus the second person, in addition to the “media expert” Marko Milosavljević, who mislead the European public and spread proven lies in the European Parliament.

Lawyer Nataša Pirc Musar was one of the invited guests in the debate on media freedom and the rule of law in Slovenia that was held in the European Parliament, where she made several statements that have now been proven to be lies regarding the Government Communication Office (Urad Vlade Republike Slovenije za komuniciranje – hereinafter referred to as UKOM).

Among other things, she stated that “even the presence of the journalists via electronic access was limited at the press conferences related to the epidemic.” Another one of her controversial claims was that “UKOM even banned conversations with certain journalists and media outlets.” And her third controversial statement was that “UKOM also restricts media appearances of the government officials, including ministers.”

The Government, of course, responded to her claims and refuted all of her lies, writing that “UKOM has never restricted access to web press conferences to any journalist, nor has UKOM ever banned conversations with any journalists or any media outlets.”

“UKOM also never banned any state official or minister from appearing in the media; however, it is true that appearances in the media are coordinated with the public relations services.”

Domen Mezeg

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