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These are the people that Have Worked With Milović because of Golob

As we have managed to find out, the head of Golob’s private security service, Miloš Njegoslav Milović, has already built up a strong business network, thanks to the Prime Minister, and he now advises ministers and guardians of the state economy.

The resignation of the Minister of the Interior, Tatjana Bobnar, has completely exposed the rot within the police, which the new government has managed to politicise completely under the pretext of depoliticisation. And what has also been revealed is the illegal creation of a special unit to protect the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic. By now, it is quite clear that the person responsible for the operational part was the notorious Miloš Njegoslav Milović. Golob’s “special projects” man.

The media have reported that the two men know each other from back in the day when Milović was the head of security of the former Prime Minister and then President of the Republic Janez Drnovšek, however, many people do not know that Milović was being financed by the taxpayers for the last few years, as he had a contract with the Gen-I energy company, where Robert Golob was the President of the Management Board for many years. As we have been able to find out, Golob was using the money of the state company to pay Milović for security while he was already entering politics and running in the April elections to the National Assembly.

When the so-called freedom came with his victory, the door opened wide for Milović. He was reportedly recommended by Golob to Minister of Health, Danijel Bešič Loredan, because he had been spotted at the Ministry on several occasions already when they were checking who was the source leaking the information from the Ministry. He was also supposedly introduced to Žiga Debeljak, President of the Slovenian Sovereign Holding Management Board, where Milović would be in charge of “vetting” prospective members of the Supervisory Boards of state-owned companies.

A victory in court and the subjugation of the security system
Milović does not only share good moments at sea with Minister of the Interior Tanja Fajon, which we have already reported on. He is also good friends with Lea Habjanič, a criminal court judge at the Ljubljana Higher Court. As we have previously written, Milović was wrongly sentenced to two years in prison in the case of the fictitious Slovenian Railways deal, where he accused, among others, his former employer Aleksander Čeferin (who is now the President of UEFA) of taking commissions. Milović is now seeking justice at the Supreme Court, where connections with judges could come in handy.

Many people also do not know that Milović has been fired twice before – both from the police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was considered problematic and was often involved in scandals. But the current Prime Minister Golob wants to entrust him with the “para-repressive apparatus,” bypassing the police and established practices which are described in the security regulations. Namely, one of Milović’s demands is also that he should have unrestricted access to the Director of the Slovene Intelligence and Security Agency and all confidential information. If the Golob government had succeeded in purging the police of all personnel of the previous government, as was the agreement between Golob and Milović, the latter would have been able to appoint police officers loyal to him in all positions in the security structures in our country.

Andrej Žitnik

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