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The Ukrainians Set Up A Memorial Plaque For Janša, While Slovenian Media Accuse Him Of Being “Pro-Russian”

“Corruption of the Slovenian media knows no bounds. While reporting on the Voice of Europe affair, when mentioning that the Russians bribed some MEPs, the national media outlet RTV Slovenia subliminally mentions Janez Janša, Peter Šuhel and myself, who have made statements or given interviews for this portal in the past,” MEP Milan Zver warned about the pre-election manipulations of the national broadcaster.

The public broadcaster Radio-Television Slovenia (RTVS) is a master of manipulating public opinion. They often use manipulative strategies that most naive viewers and readers do not even notice. And they have now begun to step up their controversial activities ahead of the elections to the European Parliament. In the past, we have repeatedly highlighted instances of “pro-Russian” reporting by the national media outlet. The “left” journalists Kaja Sajovic and Boris Vasev are particularly active in this respect. Since nowadays, being sympathetic to Russia or even to act in its favour can quickly lead to one being treated like a “leper”, they are trying to turn the situation around and pin the “pro-Russianism” on the leader of the opposition, Janez Janša.

Pre-election manipulation with public money

As the elections to the European Parliament are fast approaching and the government currently has very “meagre” public support, the “depoliticised” RTV Slovenia has apparently decided to do its best to help it. A new Russian propaganda affair has broken out in Europe. Namely, we are referring to the propaganda network that Russia has been using to influence political developments in the European Union, including paying MEPs to do what they were told. The Voice of Europe website is said to have played a key role in the story. The revelations have caused a political storm in Brussels.

Golob, Fajon and Šarec followed in Janša’s footsteps when travelling to Kyiv

The names of the MEPs allegedly paid by Russia to spread pro-Russian propaganda are not yet known. They have been accused of spreading anti-European views and, in particular, criticism of European support for Ukraine in exchange for Russian money. At this point, RTV Slovenia tried to somehow make it seem as if Janša was also involved in the matter because he was once interviewed quite correctly by the aforementioned foreign web portal. MEP Milan Zver specifically pointed this out in his response on social media X, saying that it was “subliminal incitement”. It is Janša who has always been the most outspoken advocate of aid to Ukraine.

RTV, since when are politicians supposed to be paid for interviews?!

It was Janša who came up with the idea to visit Ukraine just a few weeks after the Russian invasion started. His action was instrumental in changing attitudes in the EU and NATO in the initial and most risky moments of the war, when the fate of the invaded country was still completely unknown. It is also worth noting that Janša’s example was later followed by other Slovenian statesmen, such as Prime Minister Robert Golob and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Tanja Fajon, as well as Minister of Defence, Marjan Šarec. Janša even received a plaque for his selflessness on the Walk of the Brave in Kyiv.

The pro-Russian web portal in question has published lots of interviews with various European politicians, which have nothing to do with bribery. Every serious media outlet publishes interviews and reports on what is happening. In addition, politicians and other interviewees are not financially rewarded for giving an interview. MEP Zver thus also pointed out: “All three interviews were correct on the part of the journalists, and the content was consistent: full support and solidarity with Ukraine and condemnation of the unprovoked Russian aggression against Ukraine. I support an investigation into Russian influence in the European media space.”

MEP Zver: “If someone had offered us something, we would have immediately reported them to the law enforcement authorities!”

The MEP then also added that the names of people connected with the possible abuses and bribery should be made public immediately, before the elections to the European Parliament. However, he believes that many people from the left-wing political pole will have big problems with Russian money. No one has even offered any favour, payment or anything else to MEP Zver and the other politicians mentioned above in exchange for interviews. “If someone had offered us something, we would have immediately reported them to the law enforcement authorities,” MEP Zver was clear.

Domen Mezeg

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