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The SDS Party Has Presented Its “Winning List” For The European Elections

Romana Tomc, Milan Zver, Aleš Hojs, Franc Breznik, Branko Grims, Franc Kangler, Alenka Forte, Karin Planinšek and Zala Tomašič are the current candidates of the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS) in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. The list still needs to be approved by the SDS Council. “We are counting on winning the European elections, there is no doubt about that. We want to win as many seats as possible,” the SDS party President, Janez Janša, commented on the preparations for the European elections on the show 24ur Zvečer.

At Wednesday’s regular meeting, the Executive Committee of the Slovenian Democratic Party proposed a list of candidates for the European Parliament elections to the SDS Council for adoption. The list will be headed by Romana Tomc, a long-serving Member of the European Parliament, followed by Milan Zver, also an experienced Brussels MEP, about whom some media claimed even yesterday that he had been left out of the list.

In third place is former Minister of Defence and the Interior Aleš Hojs, followed by MPs Franc Breznik and Branko Grims. In fifth place is the former Mayor of Maribor, Franc Kangler, and in sixth place is Alenka Forte, a doctor and former State Secretary at the Ministry of Health. The two biggest surprises on the list are the young influencer and blogger Karin Planinšek and the International Secretary of the Slovenian Democratic Youth (Slovenska demokratska mladina – SDM) – the youth wing of the Slovenian Democratic Party, Zala Tomašič.

The elections of Slovenian MEPs to the European Parliament 2024 will take place on the 9th of June 2024. This election will also be the first one at which Slovenia will elect nine MEPs, as the European Parliament confirmed 15 new seats in September 2023, one of which has also been allocated to Slovenia. Slovenia has held European elections four times before, the first time in 2009.

In addition to the list of candidates for the elections to the European Parliament, the Executive Committee of the party has also proposed to the SDS parliamentary group that, in view of the questions addressed to the party leadership by the membership, all members of the SDS parliamentary group sign a declaration within seven days, in which they commit themselves to act as members of the Slovenian Democratic Party and members of the SDS parliamentary group in and outside the National Assembly until the end of the current composition of the National Assembly.

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