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The Prime Minister’s Office Lied – His Mistress Was Informed About The Procedures For Taking Animals Away From The Možgan Family

New details are coming to light about the recent controversial confiscation of 24 head of cattle from the Možgan family. Apparently, not only the authorities, but also the Prime Minister’s partner and the Speaker of the National Assembly were informed about what was happening on the farm. Namely, Thursday’s episode of the show Tarča (Target) revealed that the activist who was present at the actual confiscation of the cattle had sent a joint e-mail to some of the people in the public administration responsible for this case, as well as to Speaker of the National Assembly Urška Klakočar Zupančič and Prime Minister’s partner Tina Gaber. The reports that the seizure of the livestock had the support of the very top of the state are thus being confirmed. And what is more, this situation suggests that the government has been caught in a lie.

A copy of the e-mail in question was revealed on the show Tarča on Thursday, which read:
“To whom it may concern,
Following a citizen’s request, I went to see the animals who, according to the citizen who contacted me, live in a very small area throughout the year and are only occasionally let out to the nearby pasture.
The owner of the animals is:
Možgan Rudi
Veniše 16
Leskovec pri Krškem
As I was warned that the citizen is quick to get angry and even violent sometimes, I took the photo I am sending in the attachment from the road, which is a few ten metres away from his farm, so the actual state of the animals is unfortunately not entirely clear from it.
The first time I went to see them was around 1 p.m., and then I drove by again around 8 p.m., and the animals were still on the same small plot of land – which is important to note, in case he might claim that they spend the night in the barn.
I kindly ask you to conduct an official investigation of the situation, and to also check on the state of the animals and then act accordingly.
Thank you, and kind regards,
Valerija Podgornik”

The author of the e-mail is Valerija Podgornik, known for her hateful outbursts on social networks. She addressed the message to the Acting Director-General of the Administration for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection, Vida Znoj, the Director of Inspection for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection, Fabian Kos, the Head of the National Centre for Animal Welfare, Ožbalt Podpečan, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Urška Klakočar Zupančič, the Social Democrats (Socialni demokrati – SD) MP, Meira Hot, the new State Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, Eva Knez, a former employee of the energy company GEN-I, and the Prime Minister’s partner, Tina Gaber.

The content of the e-mail also revealed something else – the government clearly did not disclose the whole truth about the inspection process. In fact, when evidence linking the Association for Horse Protection and the Prime Minister’s partner, Tina Gaber, surfaced online, the government’s official communication profile on the social network X posted the following message: “The Prime Minister is in no way connected to the confiscation of cattle ordered by the veterinary inspection. Journalist Bojan Požar’s claims are a lie, and the reference to the President’s partner is a complete manipulation, as the quotation published is from the 10th of August this year and does not concern the current inspection procedure.” When an online user, using admittedly offensive vocabulary, pointed out that the Prime Minister’s partner was involved in “more than we think,” the government profile scolded him for his vocabulary.

It should also be noted that Tina Gaber had already been caught at a joint meeting when preparations were underway for the adoption of the amendment to the Animal Protection Act. Eva Knez, one of the recipients of the e-mail about the cattle seizure at the Možgan farm, was also present at this meeting.

In his work, Golob seems to be following the concept of “I myself am the nation”

The main question in this situation is, of course, what the Prime Minister’s partner even has to do with specific inspection procedures, as Tina Gaber is not an employee of a state body in charge of regulating the field, she is not an elected representative of the people, nor is she an expert in this specific field of expertise. In fact, it is scandalous that she should be privy to this kind of information. What is more, given that the Prime Minister’s private partner was informed of what was happening on the farm, it seems practically unbelievable that the Prime Minister himself was not involved in the scandal. And the fact that he allows his partner (without any qualifications) to be involved in the running of the country is reminiscent of the workings of a pre-modern kingdom.

The former minister was also critical of the situation in question

The former Minister of Agriculture in the Robert Golob government also appeared on the show Tarča. “These members of the associations have to be trained by the National Centre for Animal Welfare and have to pass an exam. If this activist did not meet these conditions, she had no business being there.”

Will Minister Šarec keep his promise?

Shortly after the whole ordeal became public, Marjan Šarec, who has temporarily taken over the Ministry of Agriculture after Irena Šinko‘s dismissal, announced the introduction of internal controls because of the potential risks involved. So far, no supervision has been introduced. It is not even known yet who will be on the oversight commission. If the procedure had been properly managed, it would have been in the interest of the current authorities to implement the control immediately and thus justify the actions of the veterinary inspector, Danuša Štiglic. However, as the external control has not yet been carried out, it is possible to speculate that the procedure was, of course, inadequate. This, with the simultaneous implication of the very top of the state, could have long-term consequences for the current authorities.

We have addressed several press questions to the Prime Minister’s Office regarding this incident. We wanted to know how they commented on their involvement in the whole affair, especially in light of their denial just a few days earlier. We also sent questions to the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (KPK).

Ž. K.

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