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The National Media Outlet Is Hiding The Reality Of The Attack Of The Palestinians, Supporters Of Hamas

“Among the 300 victims of Hamas terror (the number is now already as high as 600) in Israel, only 26 are soldiers. The rest are civilians murdered at close range,” commentator Tomaž Štih pointed out. However, the national media outlet Radio-Television Slovenia (RTVS) is, in fact, covering up the brutality of Hamas, as part of a new editorial policy under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, the Left party (Levica) and Asta Vrečko. The media outlet 24ur is also defending the terrorists in a similar way.

Former Director of Television Slovenia, Uroš Urbanija, warned that the “depoliticised RTVS” is under the influence of the extreme Left. Urbanija: “Both the Council and the new administration are completely following the Left party. Polona Fijavž, acting Editor-in-Chief of the RTV news programme, is no exception.” Finally, he reaffirmed that the national media outlet’s reporting is in line with the said party’s doctrine.

The national media outlet’s web portal MMC is avoiding reporting on the fact that Palestinian terrorists (Hamas) are indiscriminately killing Israeli civilians. Nor are they paying much attention to the kidnapping of Israeli children, mothers and the elderly. They refer to the terrorists who have taken prisoners of war to Gaza as “Palestinian fighters “. At the same time, they are focusing mainly on photographs of the demolished parts of Gaza in order to portray the Palestinians as victims.

Palestinian terrorism is close to the Left’s heart

The fact that Palestinian terrorism is close to the heart of the Left was indirectly proven yesterday by its prominent member Matej Tašner Vatovec, who added a Palestinian flag to his name on his social media X profile on the day of the massacre of Israeli civilians. His position on what is happening in Israel is close to that of the Russian Foreign Ministry (Sergei Lavrov): “The escalation of the conflict between Palestine and Israel will not bring a solution to the conflict between the two countries, which has been going on since 1967…”

Justifications for Palestinian terrorists also on 24ur

“World leaders must react as soon as possible and put their name forward for a ceasefire and the start of new peace negotiations. And the only way to start this journey is through the recognition of Palestine.” As a reminder of what is really going on and how it is affecting the people of Israel, just look at some videos or photos from social media showing the aggression against unarmed Israelis, foreign workers and soldiers. The 24ur web portal even took the liberty of quoting Hamas uncritically, saying that it “does not attack civilians” and that Amnesty International should send it weapons to attack Israeli soldiers.

Why is the brutality of Hamas and the supporters of Palestine not shown in the mainstream media in Slovenia?

Domen Mezeg

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