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The Mayor Of Lendava Misused The Facebook Page Of The Municipality To Promote Presidential Candidate Pirc Musar; Did He Pay For Her Visit With Municipal Money?

The mayor of the Municipality of Lendava, Janez Magyar, was elected to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia in the last elections, so in mid-May, the Deputy Mayor, Ivan Koncut, took over the leadership of the municipality and will serve as mayor until the next elected mayor takes office. He will also be the candidate of the Social Democrats party (Socialni demokrati – SD) in the upcoming elections. Which probably explains the fact that on Monday, he hosted the presidential candidate Nataša Pirc Musar in Lendava – and even used the municipality’s Facebook page to promote her. This also raises the question of whether the mayor covered the cost of the “high-profile” visit with municipality funds.

The Vice-Mayor, who is currently serving as Mayor of Lendava, hosted the presidential candidate Nataša Pirc Musar and her husband, Aleš Musar, in Lendava on Monday. Ivan Koncut will also be running for the position of mayor of Lendava as the candidate of the Social Democrats party in the upcoming local elections. Pirc Musar’s visit was promoted on the municipality’s Facebook page, which is a misuse of the municipality’s communication channels. Of course, it is also possible that municipal funds were misused for the visit. We all remember last year’s media pogrom with Aleksandra Pivec, when the mayor of Izola paid for her stay there. Will the story repeat with Pirc Musar? According to our local sources, many citizens of Lendava are also horrified by the latest post on the municipality’s Facebook page.

We sent Koncut a journalistic question, asking who covered the expenses of the food and drinks provided during the visit and who paid for Pirc Musar’s visit to the VInarium – namely, from the Facebook post, it is clear that she visited the Vinarium tower and zipline. It is not known whether Pirc Musar actually gathered enough courage to go down the zipline. The price of a ticket for the tower is 7 euros, while going down the zipline costs 18 euros. For the whole group of people that were there (there are eight people visible in one photo, sitting around the table), this adds up to quite a sum, especially if you consider the cost of the food and drinks too. Did the mayor cover the expenses from the municipal budget? We will publish the answers as soon as we get them.

Sara Kovač

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