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The Left Is In So Much Trouble That They Brought Foreign Journalists For Provocation To A Meeting Of Supporters Of Nova24 And Demokracija

Nova24TV, as a dissenting media outlet, is indeed the biggest thorn in the side of the left, who are always looking for a way to discredit it. At a recent meeting of supporters of Nova24TV and Demokracija, one of the German left-wing media appeared, apparently looking for a way to undermine one of the candidates for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament on the list of the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS).

The European elections are approaching, and things are looking good for the right. This is one of the reasons why the left is trying to discredit all the candidates from the right, even if it is by provoking them at a meeting of supporters of Nova24TV. This time, they apparently tried to do this by discrediting MEP candidate Branko Grims. They claimed that he was linked to neo-Nazis, and all this was then imported by the Slovenian media just a few days before the elections.

At a meeting of supporters of our media outlet in Snovik, above Kamnik, a German left-wing media outlet presented itself as the national German media outlet. The German-speaking journalist had a translator with him, and they went around and stopped at a group of supporters of the candidate Branko Grims.

They were questioned about whether they supported Nazism and who was funding them. One of the supporters denied any connection with Nazism and strongly condemned it, while explaining that Grims’ campaign is based on voluntary work.

Grims has the same attitude towards all forms of totalitarianism

The journalists did not actually talk to Grims, but he is aware of the provocation and is not surprised. “In my book The Triumph of the Good (Zmaga dobrega), I have argued very clearly, and with material evidence, that national socialism and international socialism are just two forms of socialism. The third is their common corporate derivative, fascism”, he said, explaining that all three are forms of left-wing totalitarianism and that it is clear that “there is no room for anything of the kind here.”

“In Slovenia, the only thugs who use fascist methods are leftists, as was proven during the two-year protests in front of the Slovenian Parliament, when even cameramen and passers-by were attacked. It is obvious that the Slovenian left is once again using the oldest trick of the left, which is to attribute its own sins to someone else and point the finger at them for all the hateful, despicable, violent, lying things that they do, and they are. And apparently, they are so keen to use it again, which proves that the time of the greatest victory of the SDS party, the victory of the good, the victory of the right in the history of independent Slovenia, is approaching, and the opportunity for this will be at the European elections,” Grims concluded.

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