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The Left Has Betrayal in Its Genes: When We Fought for Independence, They Disarmed Slovenia, and They Are Doing the Same Thing During the Epidemic

“Do they have the betrayal of the nation in their genes? The Slovenian extremist left, represented mainly by the Levica, LMŠ and SD parties, is behaving similarly during the fight against the epidemic as it did at the time of the plebiscite and independence exactly 30 years ago,” Prime Minister Janez Janša wrote.

“They are harassing, tearing down and making fun of health (at the time, it was independence, especially defence) measures,” Prime Minister Janez Janša also stated, adding that all of this is being done with the motto: “The worse for Slovenians, the better for the left.”

“For comparison, it is worth reading what they were doing three decades ago. Then it is much easier to understand why they are doing what they are doing now,” the Prime Minister also wrote in response to the announcement of an unconstitutional referendum on the much-needed funds for the Slovenian Army, which helps deal with migration challenges, natural disasters, and is a pillar of our security even during peacetime. However, the last few decades of peace have apparently given some people a false sense of the Army not being important.

The independence high treason
The treacherous efforts to disarm Slovenia have their roots in the period of gaining our independence when the left was also actively working on making sure that Slovenia would have no self-defence potentials. Janša explained in detail that at the time of gaining our independence, the left was only counting on the “operetta independence,” as it not only cooperated in the disarmament of the Slovenian Territorial Defence by Belgrade but the communists also actively kept the foreign intelligence informed about sensitive state secrets related to independence, thus committing high treason.

At that sensitive time, the left actively cooperated with foreign countries in curbing the independence aspirations of the Slovenian nation, while the political, diplomatic and secret intelligence channels faithfully served it. Independence has been cited as the reason for various problems by the left ever since 1990, which was especially evident during the nation-wide uprisings in 2012, with slogans such as: “20 years of the corrupt political elite was enough.” These slogans were, of course, produced directly or indirectly by the very same left that was in power most of the time during these 20 years. They also tried to sully the Slovenian independence with stories about the “erased,” about which so much more has already been said than on the independence itself, and they also tried to sully those who fought for the independence with constructs, such as the “Arms Trade Affair.”

The purpose of the planned connection of independence with various problems was to create the impression that before it, we lived in a kind of “paradise on Earth.” Ten years after the creation of independent Slovenia, we witnessed a revival of totalitarian symbolism of the defeated, occupying Yugoslav People’s Army at state celebrations, and at the same time, signs of freedom were given to people who had nothing to do with our independence or even actively opposed it. In addition, the values of the National Liberation Movement of Slovenia (Narodnoosvobodilni boj – NOB), on which the late totalitarian state was built and its criminal ideology was founded, were revived on numerous occasions.

Today, history is repeating itself. The political youth of the party cadre opposes the institution with which we defended our independence almost three years ago. Instead of the false pacifist struggle and the false fight for Slovenian healthcare, they are actually striving for the financial impoverishment of the defence forces. But when it came to robbing healthcare through overpriced vascular stents and funding of the regime newspaper Mladina, and when they had the opportunity to build some kind of a nursing home or nursing hospital in recent years, the Levica party hypocritically kept quiet.

Both in the post-independence period, as well as today, nothing happens to those who are actively harming the country. Quite the opposite: the people that were doing it decades ago retained their positions in politics, the judiciary and the academic waters, etc., and their offspring sit in parliament and enjoy the fabulous parliamentary salaries at the expense of the taxpayers. The first-class bourgeoise only needs Slovenia as long as this pays off for them, and otherwise, they would not mind giving it to foreigners.

Domen Mezeg


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