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The Left Civil Sphere Would Get Rid Of The “Gang” At RTV By Force

The left-wing civil sphere is increasingly dissatisfied with the ineffectiveness of Robert Golob’s government. Before the elections, the government promised to take back the reins of the national media outlet, Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV). It has so far failed to do so, as the wishes of the authorities and the left-wing civil sphere have clashed with the rule of law. A prominent representative of the civil sphere, which considers itself a left-wing political provenance, is therefore calling for drastic measures.

“Hey, Government of the Republic of Slovenia, I’m fed up with your incompetence in regard to RTV. No, I didn’t protest for this, and you didn’t get a mandate for this. I hope it is clear to you that you have not yet delivered on any of your promises,” he wrote on Twitter. “Get f*cking rid of this corrupt bunch from RTV and start delivering on your promises… #fedup,” Roni Kordiš, or “Had,” as he is known online, wrote.

People who did not share his opinion quickly responded to his post with negative comments. As is publicly evident, Kordiš responded to the criticism with more profanities.

Using a water cannon on pensioners?

A quick review of his creative work on social networks reveals that the recent rally of pensioners was not exactly to his liking and that he was also very disturbed by the fact that the event, which brought together a crowd of people, was also broadcast by the national media outlet. This led him to him angrily writing: “Will the police use a water cannon at the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS) protest, as Hojs did? Will a special police unit come to the rescue and cordon off half of Ljubljana? Oh, no. Hojs was just realising his wet dream… and was never held accountable for it…”

Kordiš’s words did not come true because the objective circumstances of the pensioners’ rally and last year’s protests were completely different. Yesterday’s rally was organised in broad daylight; there was no destruction of private property, and no one decided to disrupt traffic or invade the Ljubljana ring road. On the contrary, the rally called for joining forces, overcoming divisions and building brotherhood among Slovenians – despite all the disagreements.

As Pavle Rupar said at the rally, “Let’s become a friendly nation; let’s not hate each other anymore!”

Gal Kovač


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