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The latest data on vaccination, which will not be shown by the mainstream media: Slovenia has further improved its position and is at the very top of the EU countries!

According to the latest data on vaccines received among the countries of the European Union, Slovenia ranks 7th, i.e. at the very top of the countries. You are unlikely to find this information in the mainstream media.

The world-famous BBC has published new data on vaccinations and vaccines received by population between EU countries. On April 4th, Slovenia ranked 7th, just behind Malta, Hungary, Estonia, Denmark, Austria, and Finland. It is 19.1 doses of vaccine per 100 inhabitants.

Compared to the latest data (April 1st), Slovenia has further improved its position (17.69 doses of vaccines per 100 inhabitants), which proves a good strategy for the purchase of vaccines and the distribution of vaccines among the population.

The bizarre thing about the whole vaccine story is that you will not get the right information in the mainstream media, as they are deliberately building anti-government stories. It is even more bizarre that the left opposition has included this area in the Prime Minister’s constitutional accusation. It is probably superfluous to say again that this is another jump into an empty pool and another of the politically misguided moves of left wing politics.

Sara Kovač

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