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The Israeli “Terrorists” and Slovenian Trade Union Dummies

Yes, it is true. The Israeli flag was flown on our government building. But why is that? None of their state representatives are visiting. The flag is being flown in support of Israel as a sign of approval of their defence policy. A few dozen Yugoslav nostalgists are protesting this in Ljubljana, as they believe that Israel is the aggressor. No wonder, as that is what we were taught during the times of the former Yugoslav regime. Our political leftists are also upset, claiming that Janša’s government supports terrorism.

But Slovenia is not the only country that has done this, as even in Austria, the Czech Republic, and in the German federal states, in particular, the Israeli flags are also hanging in support of Israel. Wow, and what now, do the governments in Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany also support Israeli terrorism? Our leftists have not decided on this yeat, and Tanja Fajon has not yet proposed that the EU Parliament condemn such actions by Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany. What could be the reason for her hesitation?

Perhaps it is the fact that the EU declared the Palestinian movement Hamas to be a terrorist organisation in 2015, including based on Slovenia’s consent, and this organisation is now attacking Israel, which is merely defending itself. However, in Ljubljana, a few dozen “brainiacs” are protesting in support of a terrorist organisation and denying the attacked Israel, the independent and democratic country, the right to defence.

Yes, anything is possible in Slovenia; black can be changed into white and vice versa, you can declare a sunny to be rainy and so on. That is how it is. The great and omnipotent unions withdrew from the Economic and Social Council (Ekonomsko socialni svet – referred to as the ESS, which includes the employers, the employees and the government representatives). They are threatening to go on strike, saying that the government is not listening to them and not taking their opinion into account. In the previous few terms, however, the employers withdrew from the ESS, and nothing happened. But let’s leave that be.

Trade unions against higher employee wages
Today, a statement by Evelin Vesenjak, the president of the KS 90 – Independence, caught my eye. When she explained why they left the ESS, she literally said the following: “At a time when we are up to our noses in debt, if not more, only fools would decide to cut taxes – who will fill up our budget?” Let me explain to you what this is all about. The government has sent a package of tax laws to the National Assembly, according to which the tax burden on wages will be reduced in the next four years. Consequently, this means that the average Slovenian salary will be higher and will now amount to around 1,250 euros. Did you understand that? Due to the lower taxes, the workers’ wages will be higher. Any normal trade unionist would welcome such actions by the government, as this benefits the workers and their wages. Well, in our country, the opposite happened, as, according to the rules for dummies, the trade union representative Evelin Vesenjak opposes the increase in the workers’ wages.

This reminds me of my classmate from high school, who later became a primary school teacher. I last spoke to her in 2013. In 2012, when we did not lower the teachers’ salaries during the time of the second Janša government, she protested in front of the National Assembly, along with the rest of the teachers, shouting slogans against the government. In 2013, the government of Alenka Bratušek lowered the teachers’ salaries, and neither she nor any of the other teachers decided to protest the government. That is when I decided to call her and ask her why the teachers are not protesting in front of the National Assembly now, that their salaries have actually been cut? You will not believe this; here is what she said to me: “You know, this government has lowered our salaries in a humane way.”

Ever since then, I have not been in contact with my former classmate, but I believe she is also part of the story about dummies, just like Evelin Vesenjak.

Vinko Gorenak

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