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The Hijackers Of RTV Played Anti-EU Songs Ahead Of European Elections

This year, too, the national media outlet Radio-Television Slovenia (RTVS) made sure to broadcast anti-European songs on the communist holiday of the Day of Uprising Against the Occupation. Just before the European elections, they showed their totalitarian and anti-European tendencies. The frightening verses talk about how they would deal with politicians in the European Union: “One day when I go crazy, I’ll grab the pitchforks or just hang them with a tie. I won’t mind if I go to jail.”

“It is our own fault for wanting to join the European Union, even though we knew that this gang was lying and robbing. Now, our bosses are the biggest enemies. I call them bandits or just men in ties. (Europe) is a tie gang, and with them, all of Europe is bad. To call them gypsies is to insult the gypsies. So, I’ll just say let the devil take them,” echoed a song on the public, “depoliticised” Radio-Television Slovenia. Mojca Škrinjar called on Ursula von der Leyen to watch the footage and asked her if she liked it, since she herself had enabled such actions.

The public service broadcaster RTV indulged in some chanting of anti-European songs just before the European elections. RTV clearly supports hate speech, particularly if it happens through a “quasi-artistic” performance. President of the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS), Janez Janša, also commented on the re-airing of an event from a few years ago, where some members of the current coalition enthusiastically applauded and sang communist songs, by saying: “The Europeanness of Slovenian leftists. Spittle in Brussels, rabies at home …”
The Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Žiri from the SDS party, Nejc Brence, pointed out that we are in 2024, but obviously, we have people in power who have remained in 1945. “If anyone is still wondering why everyone is way ahead of us …” he added.

The left promotes totalitarian and anti-democratic songs

The song in question is called “Banda kravatarska” (“A Gang of Men In Ties”) and it is performed by the duo Bakalina. The latter performed this song a few years ago at the celebration of the Day of Uprising Against the Occupation in Ljubljana’s Stožice, where the Slovenian political leadership of the time (Alenka Bratušek, Danilo Türk, Milan Kučan, Zoran Janković) were seen singing enthusiastically to the sounds of the communist anthem of the Internationale, and they were also heard addressing each other with “comrade.”

Even though it was already totally inappropriate to play such anti-European songs back then, it is even more inappropriate now that we are this close to the elections to the European Parliament. The anti-European coalition, which sees the European Union as a tie gang and threatens politicians, would actually like to drive Slovenia out of the European Union. Do we really want a return to the former totalitarian times?

A. G.


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