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The Golob Government’s State Secretary Faces Corruption Accusations

According to the media outlet Reporter, Tina Seršen, the State Secretary at the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy, has been involved in the drafting of legislation giving her brother-in-law Mark Seršen’s company the exclusive right to install solar panels on balconies.

State Secretary Tina Seršen is known by many for her bizarre statements on nuclear energy at a round table of economists, and the Golob government is known to be focusing all its efforts on the expensive, environmentally controversial and less efficient “green energy” – namely because this is the business policy of the Gen-I energy company, where Prime Minister Robert Golob comes from, and which the government is continuing to push on the citizens. Meanwhile, citizens and the economy are complaining over high electricity bills.

Journalists of the media outlet Reporter had also unearthed information that State Secretary Tina Seršen, when she was still the State Secretary at the former Ministry of Infrastructure, was involved in drafting the regulations for the installation of balcony solar panels, but it is important to note here that the only company that can provide this service is owned by her brother-in-law, Marko Seršen. Meanwhile, Tina Seršen’s husband, Andrej Seršen, works in the legislative service – and the circle is thus complete.

Marko Seršen has commented on these accusations and said this is nothing but a “coincidence,” but anyone who knows politics knows that such coincidences are completely impossible and require a serious response from law enforcement authorities. We at the Nova24TV editorial team have thus also sent questions related to this matter to the police, the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, and the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy.

Andrej Žitnik

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