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The extreme left is the greatest threat to Slovenia and democracy. After the defeat in the National Assembly, it is calling for the people to take to the streets; they even want to slaughter the government!

For the extreme left, or rather, the Levica (Left) party – given that it is certainly the extreme left’s party that is the loudest in the National Assembly –democracy only exists when things are going according to their wishes. When they are in power, when they want to be – or when they are trying to overthrow the central government. A Member of Parliament, Miha Kordiš, is calling for strikes and intimidation of the police on his Facebook profile due to the unsuccessful vote of no confidence, which, of course, gives even greater legitimacy to the anonymous extremists.

It is not as if we did not expect this from them. We did. But despite everything, it is still hard to believe that the extreme left-wing politicians, with the support system provided by the mainstream media and the so-called centre-left, are still in the National Assembly. Miha Kordiš, a Member of Parliament, is literally calling for strikes and intimidation of the government and the police on his Facebook profile.

If you do not believe us, read it for yourself – here is what he wrote: “The vote of no confidence failed. A way out of the nonage is what should follow, as Kant would say. Sending pious wishes to the National Assembly does not help, nor does the reckless parading through the streets and squares, with fines for those participating. As I have constantly been repeating for almost a year now: the only thing that will help is the disruption that disables the ‘business as usual’ system. We need to stop the turnover of the capital that the government relies on; it must be hampered by a strike or blocked logistics. And we need to make sure that the police would not dare come to the neighbourhood because they are more afraid of the consequences than Hojs. Everything else is just runway walks and tweeting without effect. After a long year, I am sure this much is finally clear to us, right?”

Let’s leave aside the fact that Kordiš has been an MP all his life and probably wants to stay in the comfortable position until his last breath. Which means that he relies on the turnover of the capital he does not help produce – the same capital that the government relies on. Let’s leave aside the fact that Kordiš is part of the parliament, as the parliament consists of both the coalition and the opposition. When we look at things from this point of view, however, his post makes no sense. But beware – he is instigating people against the government as if the government is ruling without the opposition, and he is also instigating against the police. Not abstractly – concretely, he is calling people to violence, saying democracy is folklore.

And of course, it is no surprise that many extremists, similar to Kordiš, dare to go even a step further under the guise of anonymity. They are comparing the authorities to Hitler and even want to shoot or slaughter the government.

The extreme left is the greatest threat to Slovenia
There is a correlation and also an affection of the anonymous leftists towards Kordiš, without a doubt, and there is most likely also a connection between them, or perhaps even some coordination. Everyone has the right to believe in the straw men of neo-Nazism, whom the central media try to force down our throats every now and then. The reality, however, is something else entirely. Bolshevism is the greatest danger in Slovenia.

Aleš Ernecl

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