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The Controversial Past Of The Prime Minister’s Mistress Tina Gaber – A Lover Of Prestige And Crypto Scams

Public posts prove that Tina Gaber, the mistress of Prime Minister Robert Golob, has promoted various pyramid schemes in the past, in which hundreds of people have been misled and defrauded, losing millions of euros of their invested money. Although Gaber is rapidly deleting everything that could be a burden from her past from her YouTube channel and other social networks, there are still some things that remain.

Publicly available posts show that Golob’s mistress was part of a group of lovers of fast and prestigious cars and crypto scams such as Bereal, Estatium and Xaurum. Millions of euros disappeared in these crypto-pyramid schemes. The media, who support the Slovenian government and the parallel mechanism, are staying silent about all of this. However, there are many testimonies that Tina Gaber has in the past been a “companion” of members of high society abroad, including in Luxembourg. What happened for her to now be the mistress of Robert Golob, who is still married and whose family is apparently becoming an afterthought for him, even though only a few months ago he swore by her and his children, remains unknown.

Opinions are divided on this. Some argue that this coupling is just a cover-up and a distraction from other things, including the failure of Robert Golob as Prime Minister and of his government as a whole. The latter is very likely, but only time will tell what is actually going on and what we are witnessing now.

A promoter of cryptocurrency

Recent videos show that Gaber also presented herself as a promoter of the disappeared Slovenian cryptocurrency Xaurum. Investors are now concluding that this was a so-called exit scam, which means that the founders invited the public to invest and then took the money and simply wiped out any traces of the project.

According to media revelations, the head of global sales of the Xaurum cryptocurrency was Klemen Nicoletti, known to the public from the story of the Covid-19 rapid tests company Majbert Pharm. Some time ago, and this information has been confirmed by several unconnected sources, Nicoletto was asked by one of the investigative commissions in the National Assembly who had introduced him to Rok Snežič, and he replied that it was Tina Gaber.

Pyramid schemes

These cases are actually a so-called Ponzi scheme, which, like other pyramid schemes, operates by offering huge profits. The organiser of such a scheme works directly with the clients and offers fantastic investments based on mysterious business ventures, insider information and vague explanations about the investments. Like any scam, this one is based on psychology. The scheme organiser must first build a personal and trusting relationship with his clients, because it is important that the client believes and trusts him. Promoters are important for this, and Tina Gaber was obviously very handy for this.

“Lots of cameras and a piece of gold”

Gaber also promoted Xaurum on her Facebook page, where she also described how she imagines her engagement. “This is how I imagined my engagement years ago – lots of cameras on all sides, a photographer, and one big piece of gold,” she wrote. She took a photo next to the gold bars and wrote that Xaurum is “the first Slovenian cryptocurrency, celebrating its 3rd birthday in March (editor’s note: apparently, Xaurum was established in 2018, so the photo was likely taken in 2021). At the same time, it is the first and only cryptocurrency in the world to be backed by physical gold. At the moment, the coins are not backed just by air, but by 129.1 kg of gold, which already represents about 4 percent of the gold reserves held by the Bank of Slovenia.” She also kept her followers and potential buyers of the cryptocurrency in question informed on where and how they could buy the cryptocurrency.

The crypto-scam called Estatium

It was further revealed that Gaber was involved in another cryptocurrency scam in 2018, called Estatium. The Planet TV journalist and editor Mirko Mayer revealed that the team raised 2.1 million euros and then simply disappeared with the money. When soliciting people to participate and give them the money, they promised that it was a revolution in property rental and that “the returns for investors will be crazy.” 

In the case of Estatium, a promotional video was also filmed, apparently in Monaco, in which Tina Gaber appeared several times. Next to her was Klemen Nikoletti, who has been involved in many similar stories, and who later also became known to the Slovenian public because of the Majbert Pharm Covid-19 rapid tests story. The commercial for Estatium investors was filmed in English and showed what they were offering.

Life in Monaco

Before the Covid-19 crisis, Gaber was also reportedly living in Monaco with Nicoletti, who is five years her junior, and the two were reportedly engaged and planning to marry. While Gaber became known to the Slovenian public as a starlet and alleged online influencer, we first heard about the young Nicoletti during the Covid-19 crisis. The company Majbert Pharm earned around 1 million euros from the sale of its rapid tests, but the said tests led to a one-day suspension of testing. Nicoletti and his business partner at the time, Anja Jenko, were loaned the money for the business by her father, Janko Jenko (former controller of the Slovenian steel Industry). Jenko and Gaber were friends and apparently colleagues. In fact, several photographs of the scantily clad alleged “influencers” can still be found on the internet.

Both Jenko and Gaber are also known on social media as influencers who like to show off their nudity. Their Instagram profiles are full of photos from yachts and expensive trips.

Nicoletti and Jenko are still co-owners of the company Majbert Pharm, d.o.o., with Nicoletti owning 40 percent (he is also the director of the company) and Jenko 60 percent of the company. The company is based in Slovenia. Until last year, they had bank accounts open with several Slovenian banks. But then, a change took place, and in 2022, bank accounts for the company were opened in Austria and Lithuania and closed in Slovenian banks. The company is active in the sale of pharmaceuticals and medical devices and also offers business services.

According to insiders, Gaber left Nicoletti as soon as his and their cryptocurrency dreams ended, and the earnings dried up. After that, she is said to have had several wealthy partners, and is now attached to Robert Golob, who got rich from state business deals in a state-owned company selling state electricity at prices no other trader could match.


As various videos, photographs and news stories about Tina Gaber are slowly coming out, a large part of the public wonders whether the Prime Minister’s companion or mistress can afford to be part of the various scams. For example, Mirko Mayer wrote: “Can you imagine if Borut Pahor’s partner or Janez Janša’s wife were revealed to have promoted a pyramid scheme in which hundreds were deceived?”

Meanwhile, Tomaž Štih, a well-known political analyst, is certain that the partner of any other Prime Minister could not afford to be part of a “crypto scam”. And what is even more worrying is that Gaber, who has promoted these crypto scams, seems to be influencing policy-making in Slovenia.

Her influence on Slovenian politics

Gaber also more than obviously influences many of Robert Golob’s statements and actions. The latter has also changed a lot physically in recent months. He has lost a noticeable amount of weight, a change which insiders attribute to the veganism promoted by Tina Gaber. Hence Golob’s ideas to introduce a special vegetarian version of the school menus (which likely came from Tina Gaber). Let us also recall his statement on meat, which caused quite a stir in the public. He said: “Livestock farming and meat consumption are too big. Just one or two days without meat …” Let us also remind you of his highly publicised statement last year that “we have our own cure for covid” in Slovenia. “It’s the sun and the sea,” he said, drawing howls of laughter from one side and indignation from the other. At the time, it was Tina Gaber who allegedly suggested that he say this.

A “mother” to the animals

Tina Gaber’s role in the drafting of the amendments to the Animal Protection Act is also more high-profile. On social media, she presents herself as a “mother to animals,” and she also has a puppy. She has no children of her own. Her calling herself a “mother to animals,” and posting a dog sign to go with it, has also been a source of outrage. Many point out that this is an insult to mothers in particular, but also to the animals.

As the (current) owner of a small dog, she is also supposedly very familiar with the profession – veterinary medicine and everything else that goes with it. That is why she was involved in the drafting of a law according to which individuals with only a completed 40-hour course would be allowed to visit Slovenian farms, enter stables, and inspect animals. The bill was drafted without the involvement of the profession, and the Minister of Agriculture, Irena Šinko, has publicly stated that the bill was not drafted by the Ministry.

What are cryptocurrencies

The creation and transfer of cryptocurrencies is based on an open-source protocol that is not dependent on a central bank or other regulatory authority. Cryptocurrencies are, therefore, not controlled by any single authority but by those at the top of the pyramid. Ownership of a cryptocurrency means ownership of the addresses under which certain balances are recorded in the system’s ledger. Of course, cash (money) is needed to ‘buy’ cryptocurrency, and then the traces behind it can be completely lost – in a top-down pyramid. This is exactly what happened in the case of the cryptocurrencies that Gaber promoted (and apparently participated in). So far, much has been written in the public domain about her role in these controversial deals, but neither Tina Gaber nor her lover Robert Golob are responding to it. Their silence, in turn, confirms what has been written.

Vida Kocjan

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