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Tanja Fajon shames Slovenia, and German MP Maximilian Krah praises it

Knowing the situation in the National Assembly, I can say that the party’s coalition-opposition stance always gives way when it comes to issues of individual regional interests. Our parliamentary history knows quite a few cases when local and regional political interests were unified regardless of the political party and a decision was voted on that was not based on party affiliation but on the regional affiliation of MPs. This is also logical, how else would any MP of any political party vote against a project that is recognised by the people as a good project.

Let’s take this to the EU level. The presidency of an individual country in the Council of the EU is certainly something that happens every 13 years and lasts only half a year. It would be logical and expected for the members of the EU Parliament from the country holding the presidency to unite and work for the common good, and especially for the reputation of their country. It is also logical and expected that an individual Member of the EU Parliament from the country holding the Presidency of the Council of the EU does not agree with certain matters. It is common practice that in such a case such an MP does not speak in the detriment of his country and therefore at least stays silent. But in the case of Slovenia’s current presidency of the EU Council, nothing is as we would expect.

Yesterday, July 6th, 2021, Prime Minister Janez Janša presented the priorities of our presidency to EU MPs in Strasbourg. EU MEPs had one minute to debate (logically in terms of their number).

Tanja Fajon slanders Slovenia in Strasbourg

You read that right, even though you may not believe it, but it is the truth. Tanja Fajon said this in 44 seconds (my record after a live performance in English). “Dear colleagues, I would like to inform you that the actions and words of our President or individual ministers are not always the actions and views of all our people. Public opinion polls are clear; the vast majority of Slovenes today do not support the direction in which our country is heading. They do not support often disrespectful communication, rhetoric, arrogance, cynicism, they do not support imitation of the Hungarian or Polish prime minister, pressure on the media, the prosecution, independent institutions. They do not just support resolute, arbitrary decisions beyond the law and the constitution, or fraternising with the far-right.”

Her speech is therefore not a question of agreeing or disagreeing with the policy of this government. Everyone has the right to say that they do not agree with the policy of the current government, but Tanja Fajon has gone far beyond the limits of what is permissible for Slovenia’s presidency of the EU Council. In her speech, of course, she “forgot” to say that support for the current government in the extreme left wing media is the same as it was to the left wing governments during such a period of mandate. She also forgot that in Slovenia we also have citizens of Slovenia who are not Slovenes. In general, she lied and did not present any arguments for her lies, even though she ended her performance before the expiration of the allowed time for her performance. Thus, pure shame Fajon. Sometimes it is better to remain silent than to act against your own country Slovenia.

What about Maximilian Krah

The said gentleman is 44 years old and is a Member of the EU Parliament. He comes from the German party Alternative for Germany. Critics of my record will teach you that it is an extreme right wing German party. I myself cannot agree with some of their views and positions, but let us look at what the said gentleman said. He said as follows: Prime Minister (fn. Janez Janša), dear colleagues. I remember in 1991 how Yugoslav armoured vehicles came to the Slovenian streets and I am really glad that you were the commander and the Minister of Defence at that time and that you are sitting here today. You fought against the same spirit then and today. Those you criticise are often the successors of those who fought against independent Slovenia in 1991. That is why I want to tell you that our group will support you. Your programme is balanced and moderate, and that is what Europe needs, social policy and on moral values. That is why I do not think we can teach lessons to fighters who have won their own freedom.”

Is there anything to add here? Nothing at all. A foreigner who was 14 years old at the time of Slovenia’s independence knows much more about what was happening in Slovenia than Tanja Fajon.

Another personal message to Tanja Fajon

Given your actions described above and your other anti-Slovenian views, I would like to inform you that I am ashamed that you represent Slovenia in the EU Parliament. The ice cream you invited me to a year ago is still an option on my part, and I am able to talk to people like you. I do not know, however, if the situation is the same on your side.

Dr Vinko Gorenak is a State Secretary in the PV Cabinet, a former Member of Parliament and Minister of the Interior, a university professor and a member of the SDS.

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