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Stevanović Continues to Endanger Even More Lives With His Calls for New Protests – the Extremist Will Cause a Collapse of Slovenian Healthcare!

“Well, the only thing they have to do is take their “asses” out of parliament as soon as possible. And if they have not understood this so far, they will surely understand it on the 4th of December, when we will gather again, at the Festival of Freedom, on the Republic Square in Ljubljana,” protester Zoran Stevanović recently wrote on Facebook. As it turns out, the Wednesday protests are simply not enough for these people to ensure a place for their “asses” in parliament at the upcoming parliamentary elections. People who know Stevanović well have already warned that his only intention is getting a position in National Assembly and that he has no actual “humanitarian” intentions – this is merely a tactic to get naïve people on his side. The healthcare system is already on the brink of capacity, and new infections, the possible result of a large gathering, would surely cause a collapse.

People are wondering what positive qualities can the leader of the Wednesday protests, Zoran Stevanović, show the Slovenian voters. We have previously already reported on the fact that people in the municipality of Kranj, where he is a city councillor, are fed up with him and that he became known for various controversial acts. We have also already reported on the fact that his list of friends and acquaintances includes famous drug dealers and also prominent (former) protest leaders, such as Anis Ličina.

Allegations about Stevanović being a hot-tempered and physically violent person are also widely known already. Nevertheless, he dared to launch a video to the public, in which he arrogantly criticised the government. Nothing this coalition does is good enough for him. And any financial aid it offers is just a kind of vile “conspiracy.” The leader of the Wednesday protests also regularly remembers to abuse the death of a young woman due to the vaccination, and the fear for the lives of loved ones due to covid-19, as he uses both for his own malicious propaganda.

This is absolutely vile. And above all, Stevanović is abusing the negative emotions of the people who are already tired and confused from the epidemic, and channels them into quenching his political appetites. He speaks as confidently as someone who has done at least as much for the socially disadvantaged as Mother Theresa had done for the poor. And in order to definitely dispel any doubts about his exceptional qualities, we quote the words of his former party colleague, the SNS party president Zmago Jelinčič Plemeniti: “He was one of the candidates from the Upper Carniola region (Gorenjska), who did not get into the National Assembly – thank God. He had very little support.”

Stevanović was enraged after not getting into the National Assembly in the elections he thought he is “the best”
“At the time, we took all the candidates who were willing to run, and so he somehow ended up on our list. However, I must admit that we were not really satisfied with him, from the very beginning onwards.” For example, when the party had a congress at Otočec, Stevanović was in the “group” where cocaine was being used, which is something that Jelinčič does not condone. And when the party got into parliament, Stevanović was enraged because he was not elected for the position of MP, even though he believed he was “the best.” And even then, a group was formed, which then went outside and later returned “all coked up.”

Soon after, this “gentleman” was removed from the party; they thanked him for his cooperation and never had anything to do with him after that. The cyclists (Friday protesters) are somehow dying out, but Stevanović found a “niche” in which he somehow “broke the ice” with his “spokesmanship.” However, in the municipality of Kranj, where he is well-known, nobody takes him seriously anymore, as his speeches are largely fabricated, and the facts are falsified or adapted. “They know him very well there – also due to some other matters that are not exactly in accordance with the law.”

Sara Kovač

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