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Spiral of the Constitutional Arch Coalition’s Betrayal: The Holy War They Are Fighting Justifies Practically Any Means!

“If it is war they want, they can have it. However, the key moment in a war is the attack. And since they are not succeeding at home, they are trying to portray everything as if it is upsetting the foreign countries. We need to fight back in the same way. Why not flood Tanja Fajon’s co-workers with pictures of Huda jama and ask them about what her party is really like. Let’s also show them Goli otok! We need to strike back with five times as much force,” Slovenian historian Stane Granda, Ph.D., suggested, who sees no other solution. Sociologist and professor Borut Rončevič, Ph.D., is also convinced that these fictional scandals are happening exclusively as part of the fight for power. “In their mentally and ideologically extremely limited world, which prevents any self-reflection and ability to communicate, their fight, or rather, the holy war that they are fighting, justifies practically any means,” he pointed out.

Historian and a great expert on the Slovenian space, Stane Granda, Ph.D., pointed out that opponents of the SDS party, and especially the opponents of the current Prime Minister Janez Janša personally, have been completely uncompromising from the very beginning – which is ultimately also reflected in the attacks on the Prime Minister’s family and on him personally. No means, no actions, no methods are considered too far; they are not ashamed or afraid of anything. And the whole thing originates from only one party – that is, from the Party, so from Milan Kučan.

Attacks from the outside world need to be stopped in the same way
“I believe that we should use their own rough tactics, and in this particular case, I imagine that it would be very effective to publish a kind of a brochure on the internet – but there should not be too much content, because then people won’t read it. So, for example, we should publish pictures of Huda jama (the place where the post-war massacres happened), and the fact that the communists do not want to bury the Roma should be emphasised; in short, we should present the things that are well-documented, and then add that this is the work of Tanja Fajon and her political satellites. We should also show what they did to their own people on Goli Otok, and It must not be forgotten that they still do not want to tell anyone where the people who were killed because of the Dachau trials are and all the others who were killed illegally. So, they also hide the graves of their own people, not just of their opponents.”

Granda believes that by being nice and polite, we will not get anywhere with the opposition. They only speak their own language. “Not only does the frog need to be cooked slowly, but retribution is also necessary – with double the force. There is clearly no other solution.” They have clearly destroyed everything else, and of all those who fought for our independence, only Janša is now left. Therefore, we need to take this seriously and strike back with full force. There is no other solution to this problem. In Slovenia, we are now apparently fighting with the use of the outside world and the foreign countries, and a counterattack must be carried out in a similar fashion. Let the rest of the world also be disgusted by them for a change. “They will do anything and everything they can for power because they simply cannot stand not being in power. Discrediting, then liquidation, that is their style. This is how they operate and will continue to operate. And they are not to be underestimated. Everything collapses for them when there is no communism; to them, that means the end,” Granda also pointed out.

A spiral of betrayal that began at the time of the JBTZ affair
On Thursday, in a post with the meaningful title “Spiral of the Constitutional Arch Coalition’s Betrayal,” Prime Minister Janez Janša explained the well-known way in which the players of the deep state are operating this time as well. In recent days, they have produced a fresh affair, this time, in the Balkans. “They stage an affair – they export it abroad and “wash their hands” – then they are “surprised” when they discover the affair – they import it into Slovenia – they start accusing and slandering the country through the Slovenian media they control – they demand a session of the parliamentary committees and a discussion on things that do not exist – when it turns out that the glass is empty, they immediately turn to the phrase “where there is smoke (which they produce by themselves), there is fire,” and suddenly, they are no longer interested in the discussion… Or they immediately create a new affair,” he wrote and listed the following created affairs: from JBTZ, the disarmament of the Territorial Defence, obstruction of the independence, the Depala vas affair, Aquileian agreements, Patria, the letter to the European Council on the recovery fund and the rule of law, and so on and so forth. Janša reminded everyone that they never actually apologise for the damage they cause to Slovenia and certain individuals. Because they are always right, even when they are not. Because they are first-class citizens. “Or, to quite their idol Kidrič: never cruel, even if they kill.. Without a backbone, without morals, without their own ideas and ideas for better solutions, without the ability to have a dialogue with those who think differently than they do, with both feet and their head in the past and privileges. Proudly marching on along the path of hatred for everything that is Slovenian, and slavery for everything else,” he described their behaviour and assessed it in one word: “In short, KUL (KUL is the Slovenian abbreviation for the Constitutional Arch Coalition, which is also the “Slovenian spelling” of the word cool).”

Fictional affairs that are happening exclusively as part of the fight for power
Sociologist and professor Bortu Rončevič, Ph.D., is convinced that these fictional scandals are happening exclusively as part of the fight for power. He remembered the words of professor Dejan Verčič, Ph.D., who insightfully said some time ago that the left part of the political space does not perceive the right part as legitimate at all. According to them, it should not exist. “And therefore, in their mentally and ideologically extremely limited world, which prevents any self-reflection and ability to communicate, their fight, or rather, the holy war that they are fighting, justifies practically any means,” Rončevič estimates. But such ventures are, of course, not free. Rončevič said that he believes they are being financed by the business interest circles, which have a lot to gain from the incompetent and fragmented left being in power, so they generate a situation, which allows them to keep their predatory business models. He also pointed out that this is one of the key reasons for the dramatic decline in the competence of government teams of the Slovenian left.

The sociologist pointed out that, of course, he himself does not have any insight into the guts of this apparatus, but each period of the rule of the left, as well as, to some extent, the time they spend in the opposition, clearly show their fragmentation. “Based on a fairly strong anecdotal evidence, I would dare to make the assessment that these are separate projects, as not everyone has the same power when it comes to the ability to produce really resounding scandals. However, this is not all that important because every time a story comes up, all of them together use every possible “megaphone” to spread the fabrications in the domestic and international public. Internationally, of course, for the needs of importing the fabrications back to the domestic environment,” he explained.

A lot of time and money is then spent in order to repair the damage; however, these efforts also have positive effects
Rončevič also pointed out that the key problem is that we then have to spend a lot of time and money to repair the damage that comes after these fictitious scandals. This is a sheer waste of resources of diplomacy, intellectuals, politicians, he said, adding that these remediation efforts may also have some positive effects. Perhaps, the international organisations no longer trust the on-duty and untrue interpreters of the state of democracy and media freedom in Slovenia as much as they once did. And if nothing else, change is at least happening in the sense that the non-conformist journalists, editors and intellectuals are also being approached when information is being gathered. “All of us intellectuals are trying to show that we need to clear the fog that these performers are sending abroad. Or at least back it up with concrete and reliable data. In recent weeks, I have personally been invited to three such events, and I was not the only one. Perhaps it is still a bit too early for optimism, but things might really get better eventually,” Rončevič stayed positive, despite all of the past and present events.

Sara Bertoncelj

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